version 0.2.0 released

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version 0.2.0 released

Postby SmartDVB » Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:29 pm

v0.2.0 Fixed: 22 khz tone wasn't passed correctly in scanner.
Fixed: ctrl-click wasn't correctly selecting channels under windows 7.
Fixed: some changes to scheduler handling when restarting smartdvb through scheduler
Fixed: scheduler 'exit' option at end could also do a mistaken shutdown, fixed.
Added: diseqc delay and repeat options can be configured now through satellite settings dialog
Fixed: bug which could cause a crash in the connection dialog from the video popup menu.
Fixed: Restarting smartdvb from scheduler was not working all the time.
Added: added 16apsk/32apsk modulation support.
Added: New beta BDA driver supplied by user Florian and adapted by me. This will be the main driver
in the future so prefer using this driver before using the old
Many thanks to him for his work. Please report any problems or success stories to me so we can improve this driver.
There should be support in the driver for the following cards (many of which
are untested so please report if you have a card working or not)
Twinhan/Azurewave - tested including ci
Hauppauge - unconfirmed
Technotrend - tested including ci
TeVii - unconfirmed
Prof cards - tested with some prof cards, includes support for latest advancetune cards (untested)
TBS - untested
Comppro - unconfirmed
Conexant - unconfirmed
FireDTV - unconfirmed
Omnicom - unconfirmed
DVBWorld - unconfirmed
Genpix - confirmed, should also work with
QBOX - unconfimed
Added: visual studio 2010 is now used this means that older operating systems like windows2000, me, 98 will not work anymore from this version onwards
Fixed: Fullscreen freeze on windows 7 when using EVR should be fixed now.
Fixed: Snapshots were not working correctly with all renderers, should be fixed now.
Added: basic CI support, will only work with new device. Technotrend/twinhan tested, firedtv untested.
Added: Automatic device restart to device dialog, so no need anymore to restart application when selecting another device.
Added: rolloff/pilot settings to new
Fixed: crash which could sometimes happen in codec add dialog
Added: Initial atsc support to parser (only tested for atsc 8vsb terrestrial for now (many thanks to majortom for helping me on this)
Added: DVB-T transponder lists for various countries including offset support from the ini lists.
To accomodate for more dvb-t lists in the future ranges 10000-20000 are added and reserved for dvb-t lists.
Added: DVB-C transponder lists for various countries.
Added: ATSC QAM cable lists, QAM functionality untested for now.
Added: Basic ATSC eit (guide) processing.
Added: Many internal changes to speed up tuning, including quick directshow connect option which should not
clear the screen anymore.
Added: Some EVR optimizations on the graphs, when selecting 'do not stop directshow graph with EVR' no more black screens on EVR win7.
Experimental so if you experience any channel image problems or program freezes while this is on turn it of and see if it works again.
Please report any problems you encounter with this setting on EVR (and also other renderers).
I've encountered some issues in testing this mode with various codecs which become
unstable in this mode (coreavc h264, divx h264, nvidia mpeg2 in some cases, please report any
issues with codecs or otherwise you encounter in this mode.
Fixed: Main satellites combobox was not showing scrollbar with more than about 30 satellites added.
Added: tune repeat option to device settings. This seems to work better for SkyStar USB 2 HD.
Also 8psk modulation was not accepted by the driver so the skystar usb card woult not tune 8psk, fixed now.
Fixed: some changes to timeshift handling in hopes of making it more stable.
Fixed: general changes to make application quitting more robust.
Fixed: changes to main panel epg handling to prevent deadlocks.
Fixed: Changes to mdapi filter handling to prevent removing filters accidentally.
Added: Option to save records as guide name (if available).
Fixed: Some fixes to the sat ini import routines to support changed formats (dvb-s and such).
Fixed: Some changes to the smartav source filter to make graph stopping more robust.
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