SmartDVB 0.2.5 RC1 released

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SmartDVB 0.2.5 RC1 released

Postby SmartDVB » Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:05 am

Here's the SmartDVB rc finally, after some much needed personal time off.
The main addition this time is a nice blindscanner using crazycat streamreader.dll (your dvb blindscan card must be supported by crazycat otherwise it won't work).
best regards,

---- changelog --
v0.2.5 rc1 (versioning changed from 0.2.1 to 0.2.5 as there were so many changes that i
think it merits a higher version nr change and as i got busy with the interface again i decided to continue adding
simple much-requested options i never got around to in the past as i was more
busy with the core).
fixed: memory leak in streamreader.
changed: some small changes to (better codec compatibility especially
ffdshow/lav i hope).
fixed: some small fixes (float on top was not ok all the time, volume at install
is not set to 0 anymore, but 30).
fixed: tuning process was in some situations not stopping graph when so indicated with EVR.
With this working correctly and turned off (do not stop evr graph quick
connect settings) codecs like ffdshow and lav seem to work more stable
although not perfect (safest option especially for ffdshow it seems, as lav
seems to run more stable, is to turn both quick connect options off
(will result in slower channel changes but safer with these codecs).
fixed: after recent changes fullscreen at startup was not working (again).
fixed: scrolling the channel treeview with the mouse-wheel was not working anymore
when mouse-wheel volume changing was enabled. While i was at it also made
other scrollable components in the main interface scrollable in such
cases (satellite combobox and EPG listview).
fixed: scanner was showing odd 0 characters sometimes.
fixed: moving the mouse (pressed) in fullscreen mode was changing window size (bug related
to recent snap-to-edges changes).
changed: some optimizations to to try to make ts processing somewhat faster (not sure
if it makes a difference, if you notice lower/higher cpu with sd/hd in same config
as before please let me know. Should not affect stream quality.
fixed: tab order in scanner/sat settings dialog (and some more).
changed: some changes to channel update processing (frequency offset to try to prevent double channels and some
changes to sr handling to also try to prevent unnecessary duplicates, especially handy when blindscanning
and frequencies can change a lot). Also added frequency offset to scanner settings, these will be used when
processing the channels.
changed: all crc checking is enabled by default now on new installations.
Added: basic BlindScan interface for CrazyCat streamreader.dll. Make sure to select
the crazycat module as device interface ( It's not totally functional yet, only included
it for testing now (maybe i'll remove it for release depends also on input if it works a bit).
Only one sat scanning has been tested somewhat by me and channel updating might be buggy so
make sure you make a copy of your smartdvb.db before testing this. Streamreader.dll must be in the
main smartdvb install directory (installed by installer, but you can always replace this with newer
versions hopefully).
Changed: Settings dialog layout/style.
Added: Some more changes to channel update processing to try to prevent duplicates i was seeing after some weeks of use.
Let me know if you feel you're loosing channels, in any case if you want no extra processing set the frequency
offset in scanner settings to 0.
Added: EVR delay to directshow settings. In some cases this might help prevent freezes with some codecs during my tests.
Note i've tested ffdshow/lav in win7 and they seem to run with me now for lav to not freeze sometimes it's best
to stop the evr graph (so turn the 'do not stop EVR graph..." OFF if you have lav issues and also in my tests
it was best to not use the high quality settings in the LAV decoder and to use hardware decoding (CUDA LAV acceleration)
to make sure you don't have audio/video sync issues, ffdshow at least with me has less problems it seems with
fast EVR switching. Other codecs like coreavc also seem to work better.
Added: reload video on freeze option to directshow settings. Not been able to test this much yet.
Added: internal test only for disk-fullness on records (1 gb check now, untested, will make this configurable for release)
Changed: new icon set with 24bit (old ones were from xp times 256 colors).
Added: option to osd vmr/evr to remove recording osd indicator or volume indicators.
Added: Record icon to status bar on main window.
Fixed: QAM256 modulations were not working correctly with (Florian)
Changed: some changes to scanner, no signal saving/selecting among others.
Changed: main window epg look.
Added: always auto-expand channel list option (much-requested).
Fixed: some bugfixes and additions to blindscanner.
Changed: some settings dialogs layout changes.
fixed: some fixes to tbs (, 5925 devices were not being auto-detected correctly (should be QBOX diseqc settings).
fixed: dvbworld uncommited diseqc was not working properly, should be fixed now.
fixed: fixes to blindscanner and some changes/additions like level/quality etc, also concerning blindscan logic, many thanks to
Enosat for suggestions and testing on this.Needs testing if it gets all frequencies, but it should be faster now..
fixed: small bugfix to the reloading of channels, sometimes the video-renderer was not re-created and the graph could remain unstable
on reload if the renderer had problems.
added: floating window selection with scrollwheel click to general settings.
added: blindscanner will now automatically start the correct module when selected.
fixed: scheduler editing of the days of weekly recordings wasn't saving the changes in selected days properly.
fixed: small bugfix to scanner channel processing (sometimes it was possible favorites were removed when updating channels,
now favorites should always be retained)
fixed: technotrend ci should now work better (maybe also other ci card types), still needs testing.
fixed: mpeg recording was broken
added: lnb power off on startup setting to general settings.
fixed: returning from integraged EPG to main window using overlay renderer would hang application, should be fixed now (other
renderers should run more stable in such case also).

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