SmartDVB 0.3.0 Beta 3

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SmartDVB 0.3.0 Beta 3

Postby SmartDVB » Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:49 pm

Hello, ... 0Beta3.rar

Here's the 0.3.0 Beta 3 public release. Lots of bugfixes this time due to the new error report mechanism.

current alterations log:

v0.3.0 beta 3 bugfix
corrected: enigma style logo's were not shown correct everywhere (remote etc).
corrected: some update station logic.
add: addon section filter addition/fixes.
add: positioner move osd msg.
corrected: timeshift ff/rw/movement altered, might be slower now but should b more
compatible with more codecs (LAV? needs tb looked at).
add: windows lock detect (Win Key + L)
add: option to station list settings to left align station names (instead of default center)
corrected: bugfixes.
corrected: again some issues, hope now ss module's ok again.
corrected: graphical timeshift OSD didn't operate correctly above 4gb timeshift size.
corrected: scheduler exception.
add: updated blindscan to current streamreader.dll release.
corrected: more bugfixes
corrected: udp multicast alteration to use real multicast (local) addresses
(eg., at VLC you should receive udp stream like udp://@
where 8888 is the chosen port, not tested).
add: time to live (ttl) to udp multicast dialog.
corrected: dish hidden stations scan seemed to be broken, should operate again.
add: lnb power off force method which might operate for some devices with no direct lnb power off
method (technotrend etc, untested, please let me know if lnb power off operates correct/falsely with u)
add: menu options 'tools > send application report' also possible to use CTRL-ALT-R to create application
report to send directly to smartdvb author. Useful for debug methods or automatic send of logs etc.
corrected: statup up/down keyboard/remote shortcuts operated odd when smartosd epg enabled, should be somewhat
better now (legacy nd custom list).
corrected: NIT scan got broken, should operate again.
add: site fastsatfinder to scanner sync options.
altered: some alterations to which might improve compatibility, if you had issues before with
prof 7301 please try again.
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