version 0.1.1 alpha released

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version 0.1.1 alpha released

Postby SmartDVB » Sun Aug 16, 2009 9:41 am

Version 0.1.1 is online. This is mainly a bugfix release. Also hopefully this one has better compatibility with win7 although some issues remain it seems.

v0.1.1 Fixed a crash when stopping mpeg record.
Changed some minor delay problems with VMR (or non EVR) renderers.
Fixed some issues which might have caused problems with audio decoders connecting (nvidia for example) and not producing sound consistently.
Moved AVC1 mediatype handling in the add filter dialog to the H264 decoder where it belongs instead of with normal video. Use this for cyberlink h264 decoders for example.
Added processing of correct AC3 PMT type for north american AC3 streams, untested.
Fixed mousewheel issue which moved the channel list and changed volume at the same time.
Added N3xT support thanks to n3xt for his help.
Fixed: hopefully the EVR backbuffer problem which would cause flickering etc should not happen anymore, tested on vista and xp.
Fixed: changed some things in graph processing (stopping) for better windows 7 compatibility.
Added: Directshow option 'use alternative graph stop method', if you have any problems with channels connect or delays or lockups when changing channels try this option.
Fixed: bug where floating window size would not be saved when switching from floating to fullscreen mode.
Added: Channel properties dialog now allows ordering of CA items and selecting ecm by double-clicking.
Added: option to scanner dialog to replace existing names with the ones found by the scanner if only the names are changed, before if only names were changed changes would not be commited, useful in some cases.
Fixed: record path wasn't being saved correctly.
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