SmartDVB 0.3.5 beta 3 released

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SmartDVB 0.3.5 beta 3 released

Postby SmartDVB » Mon Oct 28, 2013 3:59 pm

Here's the beta 3. Somewhat delayed due to system upgrades.

Mostly fixes/corrections and some cosmetic interface modifications/additions. Transport stream file play has been enhanced, should work better now. Also MIS/PLS with (only new tbs interfaces for now) should be more stable, work better now:

fixed: Allsats.txt satellite name length increased, should be possible up to 128 ch now.

fixed: pip tab totals current pip header did not always update correct.

added: station list option to fullscreen popup.

fixed: sometimes smart filter > video decoder PIP connection issues with some codecs (ffdshow/ms dtv). Still needs to be
tested well.

fixed: some recursive exception error reporting situations (i hope).

added: splitter for main epg/description.

added: media settings menu option to allow media splitter configuration (default/haali or lav). Please note lav splitter seems
to create crashes with wmv etc (for me).

added: search list station images/icons.

modified: graphical list total images, some other graphical list icons modifications to make hd/enc more visible.

modified: some modifications to transport stream file play, mostly stability.

fixed: udp station change with VLC might operate better now.

added: exterimental vlc http stream start/stop option to udp settings (you need to start vlc with "--extraintf=http"
or "-I http" (latter if you don't require normal vlc gui interface). This allows correct udp station changes
with vlc when using UDP unicast.Do not enable this option if not needed (or disable it when VLC usage is not
needed/required), it might slow down application startup otherwise. This could be a solution for the problem with
changing stations with vlc udp streams, so if you previously had issues with that (vlc didn't change station
correct after initial udp station try this).
These modifications also allow for better integration with the smartdvb web interface.

fixed: Scheduler issue with multiple recordings.

added: dvbsky/benustar diseqc support to

fixed: pressing alt-f4 at fullscreen/windowed mode didn't show main interface (it had to be killed with the task manager).

added: transport stream file play now tries to automatically find/select station, should also work better now offline.

added: transport stream file play dialog to select station if more then 1 station is found.
modified: some epg iso processing issues (polish stations).

added: media mode icon to smart osd.

added: transport stream mode icon to smart osd.

added: some missing addon calls i realised were missing. Setmodulation and settransponderinfo to addons. Use setmodulation to set the
modulation required before settransponder. SetTransponderInfo is needed before setdiseqc sometimes (with some device types) for correct operation
of switches, needs to be set before calling setdiseqc/senddiseqc. Existing addons might need to be recompiled (not many there yet so instead of adding new interface for
this call existing one's been modified, they're essential missing calls anyhow so they should be included).

added: some messageboxes after pressing esc when exiting media mode/transport stream mode file play, otherwise the user
might press esc (remote too) and not realise the current media might be stopped.

added: options to media mode settings to play transport stream files/mpeg ps files forcibly with the ms demultiplexer, experimental
needs tests. Some systems seem to have problems to play such files. Best option is to install a known demux/splitter like
haali media splitter or LAV splitter for such files, which should then run ok with default options.

added: pip close/start remote/keyboard/winlirc commands.

modified: more hardcoded program strings moved to resources for translations. Please report still missing strings.

fixed: PIP bug when modifying video renderer followed with pip reload with existing pip window would result in crash
(renderer switch would not be taken into account then).

modified: some blue epg paint/redraw issues (header data would not get updated correctly all the time). Tried to fix some
apparent freezes seen from reports, cannot recreate these issues myself so unsure if it's better/corrected now.

fixed: schedule station from pip exception.

fixed: some dvb subs exceptions (from reports, untested).

fixed: some teletext exceptions due to recent arabic modifications.

added: tray icon minimize now shows different color tray icon and different tray message (indicating a recoding is busy) when recording.

added: CTRL key at application startup shows device selection dialog and skips initial device load (useful when having device startup problems/issues).

fixed: some problems with pls/mis when using and tbs6925, should work now (tested).

added: option to device settings to enable pls/mis, by default PLS/MIS is disabled for tbs devices. Only the tbs new interfaces support pls/mis so make
sure you select those for your TBS device which supports PLS/MIS.

added: basic help file, needs more work (volunteers?).

added: netup diseqc interfaces (untested).

fixes: some modifications to auto detect code, hope it now detects ms interfaces correct, please test if not broken/still ok.

added: filter indications to station list status bar. If stations are invisible they're shown after an invisible icon (hidden eye). If specific other
filters like ac3/hd/dvb/ttx are set icons are shown to indicate that. Lots of users made the mistake of settings such filters and not realising
they were set, this might make that more visible to them.

modified: some modifications to SmartOSD modules, should/could be more stable now, needs tests.

fixed: some more fixes to transport stream file mode stability/workings.

added: option to assign SID numbers to current remote station numbers (useful when actual provider SID values correspond with remote numbers so you don't need to manually set each station CH# at the station properties).

added: graphical station general list icon to indicate whether station is a current favorite.
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