version 0.1.3 alpha released

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version 0.1.3 alpha released

Postby SmartDVB » Tue Oct 13, 2009 5:11 pm

version 0.1.3 is avaiable.
v0.1.3 Fixed: Usals problem which could cause wrong movement fixed.
Fixed: Some bugs in positioner console.
Added: Commited (range) diseqc mode to bda device for those cards that use the put_Range method for commited diseqc.
Added: Major overhaul of the scanner interface. Many thanks to cjcr for giving me ideas on this.
Added: Window caption now also shows selected tuner/device.
Added: Bottom statusbar now shows freq/etc of channel being viewed.
Added: Double clicking on top half of video window goes fullscreen, bottom half floating window.
Fixed: epg arabic language now fixed and tested by frozen-figo and the-smb, thanks to them.
Fixed: bug in mdapi handling fixed thanks to the-smb for reporting this.
Fixed: floating window would not always set the correct current aspect ratio.
Added: signal existence check for positioner moves to settings > diseqc. This can be useful if your motor successfully moves but no correct tune is achieved on the sat moved to
(because perhaps a lock is detected on sats inbetween, if your card has this this can solve that, it will recheck for a signal after an interval and if not found re-tune).
Fixed: issue with mouse pointer sometimes dissapearing in full screen mode when calling up a menu like the TS record menu. Thanks to frozen-figo.
Fixed: issue which could cause a crash on ts record start.
Added: Option 'try to synchronize recordings with timeshift' to settings > timeshift. This will do some extra buffering in timeshift mode to try to force accurate recordings from the timeshift,
without this this can have an offset of some seconds). Experimental, if this causes video/audio problems please disable it.
Added: Native remote support to the device and smartdvb. TeVii remotes are supported, others can be added in the future, thanks to cjcr fot testing this.
Fixed: Fullscreen on current window hopefully should be working now (again untested)
Added: Option to bda device settings for a different bda graph, if you have tuning problems you could try this experimental option.
Fixed: technotrend raw diseqc wasn't working correctly for tt usb cards, thanks to romkrom for testing this for me.
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