version 0.1.4 alpha released

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version 0.1.4 alpha released

Postby SmartDVB » Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:10 pm


Version 0.1.4 is online.

Important: as of version 0.1.4 the epg handling is changed/broken with previous versions. Please remove your current smarteit.db to let it repopulate and also rescan any channels for which you want correct epg handling!!!!! If you post this version on some site please include this message to prevent any confusion.


v0.1.4 Added: Technotrend devices native remote support to bda device.
Added: Channel list osd works differently now. Pressing the channel list button on remote moves from category to channels to selection. Exit/back button returns in the menu and exits.
Added: North american D*sh/Bev epg support to the epg parser. Many thanks to dohdohdoh for testing this on d*sh, bev is untested.
Fixed: bug which was causing the mouse not to be hidden in fullscreen on my system.
!!Changed: Epg handling has been changed, now internally nid's are used instead of satid´s before. Please remove your current smarteit.db and rescan channels again for epg to work again correctly (new scanning is needed to store nid values).
Added: Epg sid option which shows sid in channel names on epg.
Added: Epg na option and buffer which will use special parsing options and buffering for north american epg (na epg needs much more buffering based on the huge epg data it gives)
Fixed: Optimizations to handling of epg data when lots of data is stored (faster startup).
Fixed: bda driver wasn't correctly propagating lof/switch changes and thus circular lnb and such didn't work correctly anymore, hopefully this is fixed now.
Fixed: Application wasn't working on windows 2000, changed some controls so that it now at least does run.
Added: Floating window and aspect ratio shortcuts to keyboard and remote settings.
Added: Record time/size indication to osd record message.
Fixed: Channel properties update was not always working correctly.
Added: Some information in the default readme.txt for north american users on what to do for correct na operation.
Fixed: Previous channel didn't show correct channel name in status bar, thanks to the-smb for reporting this.
Added: Tab order to the main screen (if tab is not defined as a shortcut) to make the main screen more accessible.
Added: hidden d*shnet scanning option to the scanner. This will try to find some hidden channels thanks to dohdohdoh for the info on this. See readme for more info.
Note from dohdohdoh, if you scan 77w with this option you'll have to change the video pid type from 2 (mpeg2) to 27 (h.264).
Fixed: c-band handling for bda module now should also accept lofs other than 9750000. Also c-band handling for skystar2 should be better now, untested.
Added: Force 18v option to diseqc settings, this is needed for some cards like skystar2 for the diseqc console to actually move a rotor.

you can get this version here

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