Welcome to SmartDVB (current version beta) x64/x86 beta test version now available x64/x86 beta test version is now available for download
  0.5.3 x64/x86 beta test portable version now available.

0.5.3 x64/x86 portable versions are now available. The build includes many fixes and the following improvements:

-Added support for external splitters, including LAV Splitter support. Please note that LAV Splitter support is experimental and initial connection is slow compared to the default splitter (SmartAVSrc). So if you care most about tuning speed, and not so much about picture quality, do not use the LAV Splitter

-Added windowed EPG viewer

-Better support for 4:2:2, including 4k and 8k

-Added EVR-CP (Custom Presenter) video renderer, with support for HDR and external shaders. Including support for rendered subtitles (DVB/Teletext Subtitles)and exclusive fullscreen mode.

-improved 4:2:2 support (LAV Splitter in combination with the LAV Video Decoder plays 4:2:2 quite well)

-improved 4k and 8k support

-MDAPI improvements/enhancements (including x64 build fixes)

-Extended zooming support dialog. Zoom settings can be saved per channel.

-Improved MadVR support (also works well with the LAV Splitter)

-Support for external multiplexers (including Microsoft MPEG2 demux, Elecard demux, Mainconcept demux etc)

-Graph performance settings (experimental, leave the default settings if you don't really know what you're doing here)

-Blindscan.dev improvements/fixes, added blindscan.dev device settings to set the defualt blindscan.dev tuning method.

-Initial (experimental) CAM Menu support for TBS CI CAM devices only. Please report if you have issues with this feature as it has not been tested extensively.

-Improvements to DVB Transport Stream file play mode video quality/stability, play HEVC DVB File option added. Please do not use transport stream recordings of sizes lower than about 100Mb as otherwise transport stream playback can be somehwat unstable.

-Improvements to SmartOSD default scaling. Default OSD graphics changed, including EPG.

Please note that this is a beta build, mainly due to the new features like EVR-CP which have not been tested extensively yet, otherwise the app should be stable.

Follow the instructions mentioned below (0.5.1 x64 build) on how to install this portable build

0.5.1 x64 beta test portable version now available.

The first x64 beta build of SmartDVB is now available for download. The build includes an initial port of channel listing and epg to unicode. The epg database smarteit.db has been modified to allow for full UNICODE EPG/EIT support. Other than that the x64 build uses the same baseline code as the 32 bit version and hence the feature set for both versions should be about the same. Care has been taken to support most of the legacy application functionality, including blindscan and plugins.
This version also improves video quality and error recovery, including better 4:2:2 handling/processing.

The build is not provided as an install but as a portable .zip archive. The installation process is simple.
-Just extract the archive and register the included filters
-Run filters\registerfilters.bat with administrator priveleges (for example by right clicking on the registerfilters.bat and selecting 'run as administrator' with the file explorer)
-The x64 build requires x64 decoder versions (both video and audio), previously installed 32 bit versions of decoders will not be seen by the 64 bit version, so please make sure the appropriate x64 versions of the codecs you wish to use with the x64 build are installed.

The 64 bit executable SmartDVB.exe should now be runnable.

It is not required to install the 32 bit version alongside the x64 version, the two versions should run independent of one another.

Please note device support for the x64 build is limited for some devices, not all (legacy) device manufacturers have x64 bit sdk's available. Skystar.dev is is not available so technisat skystar devices will not be fully functional. Tevii devices will also only, possibly, work with the tevii (bda) device type, the tevii.dll required for the sdk is also not available as a x64 dll.

0.5.0 release is now available for download.

This version contains mostly stability improvements and various bug fixes. If you previously had problems with some devices or other stability problems, it's
0.5.0 Release contains various fixes to DVB-T2 PLP handling and adds T2-MI support.
This version contains mostly stability improvements and various bug fixes. If you previously had problems with some devices or other stability problems, it's recommended to try the current 0.5.0 RC version. Some of the main changes are:

- overall improved stability.
- bda.dev fixes/improvements should be compatible with more devices now.
- HEVC compatibility improved, some current HEVC codecs do not seem enough yet and might cause crashes or freezes, if you have problems try the LAV HEVC decoder.
- improved blindscanner interface
- better video stability.
- audio A/B channel selection button to the graphical status bar.
- scheduler conflict detection and resolving.
- signal analyzer and monitoring including a constellation diagram.
- some timeshift changes should make timeshift more stable.
- Improved MDAPI compatibililty and fixes.

SmartDVB is an unpretentious digital-tv watch application for satellite, terrestrial or cable TV cards. Emphasis has been put on overall speed and user experience on the desktop concerning DVB operations like scanning and channel viewing. It also allows for HTPC/PVR functionality through SmartOSD and legacy video renderer OSD. New OSD includes Options menu for quick PVR like access, better integrated EPG, Teletext, graphical timeshift, program data, zoom, custom graphics station list and also logo support. If you're looking for a solid allround DVB experience using the current renderer technologies like EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer), try it out! If you have any problems or queries feel free to contact the author through the forum or e-mail.

Please use smartdvb @ smartdvb.net  for support (old jackjavo hotmail account is invalid).

Main Features (current version (hotfix))

  • Easy to use and user friendly interface .
  • Low footprint, fast operation with fast channel changing.
  • Supports integrated logos (station list, Electronic program guide)
  • Supports Skystar 2 WDM and BDA-S/T/C and ATSC devices.
  • Includes a BlindScanner (as of 0.2.5 RC1) which also scans for channels (your blindscan card must be supported by the crazycat streamreader.dll blindscan interface)
  • Supports SkyWalker devices used in North America for turbo-fec modulations.
  • North american support includes Digicipher II modulations (with bda genpix module)
  • Supports diseqc (depending on DVB Supe used) including motor support.
  • Ability to be used like PVR (personal video recorder) with new SmartOSD
  • SmartOSD which allow for remote usage or quick clickable access.
  • Graphical timeshift (SmartOSD) which
  • Graphical (SmartOSD) Options menu for easy acccess of basic PVR functionality (Audio track, Aspect ratio, subtitles, epg, teletext etc)
  • SmartOSD integrated Teletext (clickable & remote)
  • Quick zoom functionality available through SmartOSD (also remote)
  • Ability to select specific device per frequency list/satellite to possibly use a different device per satellite/frequency list (also dvb-t/c etc).
  • From version 0.3.0+ no administration execution is required (if application data is installed at the local application data folder).
  • Custom graphical station list with logo support
  • Basic ability to play external media files.
  • Basic ability to re play DVB transport files which also allows for epg/teletext to be viewed from the recorded/saves transport stream file.
  • OSD (on-screen-display) which can also be used as a basic HTPC/PVR setup through remote.
  • DiSeqC support includes using cascaded switches setups  (diseqc 1.1)
  • H264 and S2 support (through bda driver) so you can enjoy full HD channels.
  • You can create scheduled record tasks for your favorite tv programs .
  • Supports teletext and multi audio channel, including teletext subtitles.
  • Supports MD-API plugins.
  • Supports MPEG PS and Transport Stream record formats .
  • Mpeg PS records support radio, AC3, HD (H.264)
  • Multiple same mux/frequency recordings (up to 64 concurrent records) with integrated progress window.
  • Supports Windows XP® ,Windows Vista® and Windows 7® operating system .
  • Includes integrated EPG (Electronic Program Guide) with logo/content support
  • Supports timeshifting also for H264 channels.
  • Supports winlirc remotes and native remotes (depending on DVB device used)
  • Supports basic CI (Common interface)
  • Optimized EVR (Enhanced Video Renderer) support
  • Favorite channel list so you can arrange your stations like you want
  • Remote channel list so you can arrange your stations for customized use with your remote
  • Snapshots so you can make an image in BMP format of the current channel
  • UDP streaming to other pc's using a UDP capable viewer like VLC.
  • Allows you to use multiple monitors with the fullscreen/application mode.
  • Customizable for usage in North America (scanner and epg parser)
  • Customizable input settings for keyboard or remotes.
  • DVB subtitles.
  • Basic AddOns allows for custom SmartDVB applications.









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