Version 0.5.0 RC available

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Version 0.5.0 RC available

Postby SmartDVB » Fri Oct 14, 2016 3:50 pm

A new version (release candidate) is available. This version is mainly about stability and fixes. Some internal changes have been made to make the application more responsive and stable concerning video display.


v0.5.0.0 RC
fixed: polsat epg was broken.
fixed: blue epg would fail when moving page up etc.
fixed: scheduler display bug which would sometimes show some garbled epg text in the list.
added: epg title search/imdb search and clipboard text copy to main epg pane and epg search dialog. the imdb search string is configurable through the settings.ini (in case the imdb search string would change you should be able to change the default search string here).

modified: scheduler now shows actual scheduled times in larger red font.
added: program guide search toolbar button.
fixed: schedule add task dialog cosmetic issues fixes.
fixed: issues when using scheduler timeout messages which could result in erratic behaviour.
fixed: command bar position saving was broken (while at it added main window epg/record column size saving to settings).
added: epg search dialog toolbar button.
added: date entry for recordings to the record context menu.
added: scheduler conflict management (required almost a total rewrite of the scheduler)(requires lots of testing). This needs to be tested and can optionally be enabled through the scheduler settings.

added: import pre 0.4.5 scheduler tasks to scheduler settings.
modified: internal changes to signal handling to try to improve app responsiveness. If you have app stability issues related to signal handling please let me know.
fixed: PIP stay on top was not working correctly
fixed: m3u list channel change would fail when multiple devices are used. (untested bugfix)
added: A/B audio channel selection to application status bar (only graphical status bar). Audio processing filter needs to be enabled (settings > connection)
fixed: some signal monitor/analyzer cosmetic graph update issues
modified: some changes/fixes to mdapi unloading, let me know if this causes issues/exception when exiting the app or switching devices etc.

fixed: normal (tbs only) pls tuning seemed broken due to some debug code leftovers.
added: option to scheduler settings to enable scheduler conflict resolving.
fixed: signal constellation would not be repainted on window resize.
modified: moved signalanalyzer string to resources.
fixed: issue with scrollwheel and volume when app started without tune.
modified: streamreader.dll updated to version
fixed: some changes to signalanalyzer signal monitoring which seemed erratic here and there.
fixed: added a/b selection was not working properly
modified: Germany.Unitymedia NRW transponder .ini updated.
modified: some internal changes
modified: updated to latest streamreader sdk.
fixed: some small fixes to graphical channel list (dragging in single channel selection mode should work better now).
fixed: fixes
modified: some changes to scanner channels process/update logic.
modified: added support for MainConcept HEVC decoder you need to manually add "video9=MainConcept HEVC Video Decoder,{A8AD11CE-3CBD-4E8E-9786-6029F372A5D0},HEVC,Video" to your filters.ini (or clean setup)

fixed: audio a/b statusbar selection would not correctly play both channels.
fixed: null (client) device wasn't working properly for other device types.
fixed: blindscanner in blscan2 max ranges mode would scan some frequencies too much, this could make this scan with channels faster if your device supports blscan2.
fixed: fixes.
fixed: dvb file play bug which would cause buffer overruns there.
modified: some changes to EVR handling.
fixed: dvb file play mode loop setting (directshow) was not being retained at the next startup.
fixed: fixes/changes to exit process since there are occacional crashes here. Please let us know if you still have this issue.
modified: some changes to osd epg, always enforced non transparency etc previously it would take too much memory and could create problems with the renderer (delays).
fixed: PIP main tab window clicks were crashing due to recent changes to the single click drag and drop.
fixed: PIP main tab channel switches had issues with mdapi.
modified: version bump to 0.5.0, improved stability warrants this.
fixed: some more exit modifications and fixes to direct mode.
fixed: some more stability changes.
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