SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 5

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SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 5

Postby SmartDVB » Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:33 am

Here's the 0.2.1 beta 5, after a summer break. Quite a lot of fixes and changes due to reports etc.

Remember to mainly use the module (old hasn't been updated in a while,
although i could update that module in future, for now the focus lies on so only use if it works better somehow for u, usually it won't). And if you report problems
it's handy to at least try to mention where and in what situation it occured (not like
"the scanner crashes", otherwise i have no clue, oh and pictures say a thousands words don''t
they say?) and remember to copy smartdvb.log and bda.log (in the devices dir) as that can
always come in handy for me.

Here´s the changelog for this beta version:
v0.2.1 beta 5
Fixed: was having some issues with older 2.3 cards.
Fixed: null filter changes had broken radio channels when not using that filter, sorry.
Fixed: teletext subtitle pages parsing was not detecting pages correctly. Also by
default the detected subtitle page will be shown in the select subpage dialog.
Fixed: some changes to discontinuity handling. Looks to improve playing low quality
streams with at least the cyberlink codecs for me, let me know your findings
if you can.
Fixed: some EPG handling fixes.
Fixed: Some more scheduling fixes to prevent failed (small file size) records.
Fixed: some changes to stream state handling, might prevent freezes when graph is
in transitive state when changing monitors etc.
Fixed: Updated tbs cards support to include latest cards, tested (on xp) with a TBS 6922
DVB-S2 PCI-E blindscan card and seems to work fine. If you have a tbs card that doesn't
work correctly let me know. Some blindscan support will probably be added in
upcoming versions, didn´t want to do it yet as i want to get this version out asap.
Added: Support for anysee devices to, untested.
Added: Channel reload option to video popup menu.
Changed: Reworked the scanner dialog again a bit to show more channels/messages.
Fixed: mouse hiding in evr fullscreen mode was not working all the time.
Fixed: putting main window on top at startup was not working correctly.
Fixed: Fullscreen mode at startup was not working correctly in combination with the multimon code.
Tried to fix this, needs testing.
Fixed: Many changes to the multimon code, also needed to rework the fullscreen/floating code.
Looked almost ready in beta 4 but proved to be a real problem as stress-testing it
(multiple mon changes) always resulted in an unstable renderer (and thus smartdvb)
and i simply could not find this issue.This is still the main reason why this beta 5
is there so if you could test this and report problems i'll try to get the final 0.2.1
out asap and move on to other things.
Added: Support for textual dvbsubtitles. Untested.
Fixed: window maximize button was not working anymore.
Changed: updated allsats.txt and european satellite transponder lists (.ini) thanks to cjcr.
Added: new transponder sync option in scanner dialog using This will synchronize
with blindscanned transponder lists supplied by cjcr.
Added: option for extra transport stream buffering in general options.
Fixed: a bug when minimizing the app to the taskbar (not tray) and closing it from there,
correct window positions were not saved in such situation (thanks to cjcr for finding this).
Fixed: The goto sat button in the add frequencies dialog was not working correclty anymore due
to recent diseqc changes.
Changed: some changes to to make cards like tbs6925 work (scan on these cards was producing
a hang). Many thanks to mr orbita for his help and information on this.
Changed: added sat name to properties dialog caption so when on favs you also know what
sat the channel is on (thanks to cjcr for pointing this out).
Fixed: Added some extra H264 checks mainly to fix BBC HD channels aspect ratio's, maybe this
also works for other HD channels with broken start aspect?. Not sure if
the sequence parameter set etc parsing is entirely correct here as i seem to see
strange values (like PicWidthInMbs of 1 etc, and also no VUI parameters, can't find that described
in standards, so i hacked a bit around it? only for the HD high profile though have never seen
low res h264 streams here)
Added: Added snap to edges for main/floating as i find that handy and it also had been requested
quite a bit.
Added: A version number to settings.ini to check for specific upgrade actions in future. Due to multimon
changes the logic in the windows coordinates could fail when installing from 0.2.1 beta 5 onwards over
previous versions. This is not a bug but the window is simply hidden using wrong coordinates.
If you still have this after install remove the window coordinates from settings.ini (in settings
directory), These are the values to remove : [Startup]
And the app should startup with some default windows coordinates that are visible.
Don't remove the '[startup]' btw :), and neither the version number anytime.
Changed: Some changes to (codecs like LAV now work reasonable (sometimes video freezes with EVR
quick connect options turned on, nothing that a reload doesn't solve, for me also in sync).
Added: Added 'show satellite name before favorite name' option to the channel list properties dialog (useful
if All sats are selected).
Changed: Some more safeguards built in just in case the problems with tbs cards could cause problems for
other cards.
Changed: layout of some dialogs.
Added: the main window can now be moved on other surfaces besides the window caption.
Fixed: bug when selecting none as group and provider as sort in channel list properties
(thanks to a user whose nick i don't know who reported this :)
Changed: scanner has problems with some users sometimes, might be timing problems on fast scanning/tuning in
a row so quite some changes there to try to make it more robust. It might be prudent to add
a configurable delay before tuning the next transponder to the scanner so users
can finetune this.
Fixed: mouse hiding wasn't working correctly anymore on other renderers (i test mainly on EVR nowadays,
tested on vmr9 now too).
Fixed: parsing of some transponder .ini files failed on 16apsk/32apsk modulations.
Changed: some changes in as some video problems may stem from there. Remade the sync code
in as it was somewhat different than for example has and for me seemed to produce more stable picture as that also works better with my prof7500.
Changed: now modulation is also shown in the frequency list sync dialog.
Fixed: again some mouse problems (mouse dissapearing and such) when using vmr9 renderer.
Changed: some more work on continuity of stream in smartdvb and to try to make
the video run smoother with some codecs on broken streams.
Changed: some more changes, hopefully tbs cards still work okay now as i reverted some of the
changes there as some delays were maybe causing glitches even on fta channels with
which smart never had much problems lately.
Changed: vmr osd showing is now delayed until some video is in (before it could dissapear
too quickly if no video was received for a while after the tune).
changed: some more changes to multimon especially for vmr9. One tester experiences error
messages (decidebuffer) on xp using vmr9. So if you experience that too please report this
as then i'll make this a priority.
changed: some general robustisation, or at least i hope in the long run, also in the tuning
process and more changes.
changed: removed the installation of the vs2010 redistributable package from the setup as
installing the msi should be enough.
Added: lav decoder to filters.ini for setup.
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Re: SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 5

Postby SmartDVB » Sat Nov 26, 2011 3:11 pm

There was a stupid last minute mistake with so if you have problems with the card getting initialized please
download this

You can also re-download the beta..
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