SmartDVB 0.3.5 beta 2 released

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SmartDVB 0.3.5 beta 2 released

Postby SmartDVB » Sun Sep 08, 2013 10:45 pm

Here's 0.3.5 beta 2
dvbsupport url
(tx to dvbsupport for allowing me to use this url)

Main addition pip tab menu (should also operate with remote/fullscreen now) plus pip bug/stability issues.

history.txt for 0.3.5 b2

fixed: some issues with collapsed graphical list total (were not being calculated correct at some situations).
added: PIP select tab menu.
added: MIS/PLS support to (TBS only for now, tested with tbs 5925). The scanner only recognizes .BS tables with
MIS/PLS definitions for now (created by blindscanner).
added: expand/collapse station list to station popup menu.
added: OSD EPG popup menu with exit/font settings, font should update direct when modified now too.
fixed: MS DTV should operate better with PIP now (i hope, might still sometimes give codec connect issues).
fixed: some issues with new float station list (for pip/floating window mode).
fixed: pip/floating window resize to aspect ratio didn't resize correct when resizing from top/bottom of window.
added: pip mute options (main/pip) to pip settings (not everyone appreciated that feature).
fixed: some corrections/bugs to blindscanner (introduced by mis modifications).
fixed: station list didn't update on blindscan exit.
added: close all pips option.
fixed: OSD epg didn't show some (end of timeline etc) events correct.
fixed: some teletext modifications for persian lng (arabic codepage selection).
added: ms diseqc interfaces to (seems to operate better/ok for skystar express hd devices).
added: tbs ci support (tested with tbs 5980 ci)
fixed: drag/drop images modified to show correct drop location (below drag destination).
added: freesat epg support (untested).
fixed: some blindscan dialog modifications (dialog wouldn't show correct with different os font sometimes).
fixed: cmd line parameters for smartdvb.exe should operate once more (operated only with smartexec.exe before).
fixed: moved some missing application strings to resources (includes some directshow graph error messages)

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