Behavior of option "Record all audio streams"

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Behavior of option "Record all audio streams"

Postby CryGuy » Mon Dec 27, 2021 9:18 pm


I've reported this issue already some month ago, but I guess I wrote it too complicated.
This is about the option Record -> "Record all audio streams with transport stream recording (TS)"

Version: (x64)
I've recorded a demo video (1:25 min):

The video shows two issues:
- Even if the option is unchecked, two audio channels are recorded. One of them is corrupted. This can create problems with other programs processing the video file. In opposite, it works well if the option is checked.
- After restarting the application, the option is unchecked again. I expect the setting to be kept.

Thx, and a happy new year to you and everyone
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