EPG is hard to navigate with PC inputs

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EPG is hard to navigate with PC inputs

Postby mzso » Sat Jun 01, 2019 5:57 pm


I think this could use som optimization for mouse/keyboard.

Particularly the the mouse is problematic. The wheel doesn't result in scrolling as expected. But it's even worse that the highlight jumps around crazily because I don't hold the mouse completely still while using the mousewheel. The wheel doesn't need to move the highlight I can just point with the mouse.

Also would be nice if the middle click would auto scroll like in many apps.

Dragging with left button is weird it seems to only scroll horizontally but not vertically (why) and how much it jumps look unpredictable to me. And it's hard to follow what happens because of the jumping. Which brings me to:

Smooth scrolling would do a world of good to the EPG. It rather hard to follow what happens with all these jumping. Especially that many inputs don't react the way I expect. It would be both good to mouse and keyboard (arrow navigation, pag up/down).
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