Multistream reception, a new satellite list

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Multistream reception, a new satellite list

Postby sato » Wed Jul 15, 2015 6:41 pm

Hi Smart DVB,

I really appreciate your work on this great player, so I`ve decided to make a few comments about its weaknesses even it`s a rock stabile player with my TBS 5925 and Pinnacle e290 tuners.

There`s particularly one thing I`d like to ask you to change in the future release.
Would it be possible, please to improve Multistreams reception? For example Astra 4A @ 5E , freq.: 12188 H or 12341 H and many others, of course . These 2 frequencies are possible to receive across Europe, so there`s something to test on.

The problem is, that the scanner doesn`t allow to choose IDs. They have to be manually loaded to frequency list, but another problem is, that there can be written only 1 ID per frequency. So in the real world you can scan a multistream if there`s only 1 ID, but in case there are 2 there`s a problem.
I also noticed that the player (the current version is v has sometimes problems to scan the frequency with Multistreams. You can scan it once and then when you try to do it again it doesn`t find anything. I would be also grateful for a small improvement in the Scan menu for a “Tune To” button. This would help to tune to required frequency without scanning it and in this case (Multistreams) would show us what IDs are available. The Tune To button has DVB Dream that I use mainly for Multistreams, but I really wish Smart DVB player was as good as Multistreams as DVB Dream.

Anyway, I`m not writing here to ask you to do an extra work only. I`ve noticed that there is an old database satellites used in your versions, so I decided to do some work for you.
I updated “All sats” and “Transponders” lists so they are up to date (7/2015) and matched together.

I also added to the zip Smart DVB.exe by AHMAD ALBAHETH from This replacemnet is needed to make Smart DVB accepting Power Vu decryption, so I thought it would be good to add it so you can take a look and implement those necessary things to the next version. Then no replacemnt will be needed and the new version will begreat straight out of the box!

The file`s too big to upload it here, so I hope it will last on an external server for some time.

Take care.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Re: Multistream reception, a new satellite list

Postby SmartDVB » Sat Nov 14, 2015 5:27 pm

tx for the suggestions. I'll have a look at this and see if mis support can be improved (normal scanner mis support only works with some tbs devices and was quickly added after blindscan mis support). The blindscanner should work better with multiple input streams for devices which are streamreader.dll supported. Btw you should be able to a frequency/mis combination with the 'add' or do a 'manual scan' for a specific freq/mis combination. Perhaps just adding a 'tune to' button to the manual scan dialog and some better defaults there would be enough? Btw apologies for the late reply your supplied updated .ini list download doesn't work anymore so i hope you're still around to revive that download, any assistance is much appreciated at this moment in time..
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