SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

This is the place where beta releases of the application or modules are made available. Only download if you're willing to cooperate in resolving any problems

SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby SmartDVB » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:10 pm

Here's the new version 0.3.1b webinterface. It now also supports DVR (Digital Video Recording) capabilities so you should be able to schedule events from whereever you are whilst having a compatible browser (which should be most). See the post below for some screenshots of the current webinterface. Once more many thanks to matei for his efforts and collaboration.

retrieve the current version, sources here:

For the webinterface to work correctly you'll require an update for the current 0.3.5 b3 to allow for correct command line parameter usage (broken with version 0.3.5 b3). The beta also entails some UDP streaming modifications for better compatibility with this webinterface (or general better UDP>vlc integration/communication) ... 35Beta3.7z

Please post feedback/comment/bug reports at this thread or you can mail the author for specific queries at:

here's the readme on how to use this web interface:

SmartWebIF is an open source web interface for the SmartDVB application, allowing remote tuning, streaming and recording of live satellite services.

Please see the CHANGELOG for detailed info on current release.


= Installation prerequisites =

* Windows XP/Vista/7 x86 or x64 (not tested on Windiws 8)
* a working SmartDVB 0.3.0 or 0.3.5 installation, with at least one satellite/frequency list defined and one associated service
* a working, complete VLC 2.1.0 or higher installation
* UDP streaming enabled in "single channel" mode


= Installation instructions =

1. Unpack the SmartWebIF archive into a folder of your choice, on the same computer where you have installed SmartDVB.
2. Double click on smartwebif.exe and check that an icon has appeared on the system tray.

NOTICE: If you choose to run SmartWebIF as a service, make sure to open the service manager and select the option to run it under your user's credentials (in the LogOn tab, on the service properties page).

3. Open your favorite browser and point it to http://localhost:8090 or https://localhost:8091. If accessing the interface from the network, replace "localhost" with your computer's name or IP address, as it is visible on the LAN/internet.

NOTICE: To change the default listening ports, open smartwebif.conf and adjust the "listening ports" line. The "s" suffix denotes a secure (https) port.

4. You should now see SmartWebIF's configuration page. First, you must configure the paths to your SmartDVB and VLC data/application folders.

NOTICE: The configuration page will appear automatically if there is an error in path configuration. Correct any errors/misspellings indicated in red above the text fields.

5. [optional] Set the VLC streaming configuration strings to match you preferences.

NOTICE: There are two streaming modes, both handled by VLC. The first generates a FLV video that feeds the embedded video player. My recommandation is to leave it to the default value, as any change may make it unstable. The second one is an alternative stream that can be anything you want. You cannot see both streams at the same time, so the external stream URL won't work while in embedded stream mode and vice versa. To see it, first push the "switch to external player" button under the video window then follow the "watch stream in external player" link that appears in its place. That will serve an M3U file generated on the fly which can be opened with any standalone player you have installed on your computer.

6. Configure the video stream URLs, by changing both "localhost" portions of the two URLs to the actual FQDN name of your computer, as it is visible to the client. For example, if your computer is known locally as "computer1" and on the internet as "" you must set the value to either "computer1" if you plan on watching on the LAN (or through a VPN) or "" if you watch it over the internet. Alternatively, you may provide the IP address based on the same principle.

NOTICE: The actual streaming ports are defined in the VLC configuration strings, so if you want to change them you must do it for every stream separately.
For example: changing from port 8092 to 8093 requires changing both "sout=#{vcodec=h264,[..],dst=:8092/stream.mp4}" and "http://localhost:8092/stream.mp4" to "sout=#{vcodec=h264,[..],dst=:8093/stream.mp4}" and "http://localhost:8093/stream.mp4" respectively.

7. Push the "Start" buttons for both SmartDVB and VLC, then select a satellite and a channel from the list on the left pane. In everything is ok you should see live video streaming inside the browser page.


- fixed missing video playbeck of recorded channels when smartdvb was closed
- fixed missing video situation when playing back a recording while SmartDVB was active and configured to control VLC
- fixed date format not showing up correctly in settings page
- fixed situation when certain characters in service or event name caused an error in task scheduling
- fixed "unkonwn device" in tab list when using a DVB-C/DVB-T receiver
- switched channel selection to single click, to enable usage on mobile devices
- improved invalid characters handling in SmartDVB's settings.ini
- added volume control and double click maximization to video player

- cosmetic changes of the settings page
- improved EPG text encoding conversion
- added recording schedule management
- added recorded video management and playback

- fixed channel selection for services having the same SID and TID
- fixed a situation where SmartDVB would not tune channels if not started from within SmartWebIF
- addesd record scheduling using Windows Task Scheduler (experimental)
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Re: SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby SmartDVB » Mon Oct 28, 2013 5:15 pm

Main view:


EPG view


DVR view

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Re: SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby Risky73 » Mon Nov 04, 2013 3:37 pm

Hi Matei,

First thing I want to say is that your plugin looks very interesting. Unfortunatelly I have problem with it, I can't get working "stream.mp4" from it. All other stuff works, EPG works & SmartDVB starting & VLC starting. But neither internal or external players (VLC & Daum PotPlayer) can't read stream. Maybe you can think of something that would cause such a problem?

For software, it's SmartDVB from your updated link, Windows 8.1, Firefox 25.0, VLC 2.1.0, Adobe Flash Player 11.9.900.117.
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Re: SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby md0 » Sat Nov 09, 2013 5:07 am


First, can you see the embedded video (flv stream)? If not, you may be using an older version of VLC - I've tested smartwebif with the latest stable version. You can see what version you're using in the upper right part of the interface.

If the VLC version is ok, try sending me the debug info, by accessing your web interface + "/debug".
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Re: SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby Risky73 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 6:48 pm

Here's debug from VLC when I try to play stream.flv:

main debug: adding item `http://localhost:8092/stream.flv' ( http://localhost:8092/stream.flv )
qt4 debug: Adding a new MRL to recent ones: http://localhost:8092/stream.flv
main debug: processing request item: http://localhost:8092/stream.flv, node: null, skip: 0
main debug: rebuilding array of current - root Playlist
main debug: rebuild done - 3 items, index 2
main debug: starting playback of the new playlist item
main debug: resyncing on http://localhost:8092/stream.flv
main debug: http://localhost:8092/stream.flv is at 2
main debug: creating new input thread
main debug: Creating an input for 'http://localhost:8092/stream.flv'
main debug: using timeshift granularity of 50 MiB, in path 'C:\Users\Robert\AppData\Local\Temp'
main debug: `http://localhost:8092/stream.flv' gives access `http' demux `' path `localhost:8092/stream.flv'
main debug: creating demux: access='http' demux='' location='localhost:8092/stream.flv' file='\\localhost:8092\stream.flv'
main debug: looking for access_demux module matching "http": 12 candidates
main debug: no access_demux modules matched
main debug: creating access 'http' location='localhost:8092/stream.flv', path='\\localhost:8092\stream.flv'
main debug: looking for access module matching "http": 20 candidates
access_http debug: querying proxy for http://localhost:8092/stream.flv
access_http debug: no proxy
access_http debug: http: server='localhost' port=8092 file='/stream.flv'
main debug: net: connecting to localhost port 8092
main debug: no fetch required for (null) (art currently (null))
qt4 debug: IM: Setting an input
main warning: connection timed out
main warning: connection timed out
access_http error: cannot connect to localhost:8092
main debug: net: connecting to localhost port 8092
main warning: connection timed out
main warning: connection timed out
access_mms error: cannot connect to localhost:8092
main debug: no access modules matched
main error: open of `http://localhost:8092/stream.flv' failed
main debug: dead input
main debug: changing item without a request (current 2/3)
main debug: nothing to play
qt4 debug: IM: Deleting the input

Anyway, I found that I can enable UDP streaming inside SmartDVB (Tools/Enable UDP Streaming) with client's IP address and then I get VLC Direct3D window with selected channel, channel switching works through your web interface, and also this VLC window can be closed by stopping VLC through your web interface. I guess that is not the way you intended it, but it works fine for me.
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Re: SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby cabyrc » Sun Apr 13, 2014 12:40 pm

Nice extension, and however I wasn't able to use it with vlc, I'm still able to switch the channels. Just a few issues however do exist:

- I'm wondering: why can't I switch the channels without VLC running?
- On Windows 7 after reboot it's not possible to start VLC using the web interface: it runs the processes that never stop. I have to stop the service, kill the processes and run the application manually to have it working.
- It would be a great option to have favorite lists in the web interface.

But anyway, thanks for your solution.
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Re: SmartDVB web interface by Matei Dobrescu (0.3.1b)

Postby SmartDVB » Wed Apr 16, 2014 3:09 pm

thanks for the input, i'll forward your suggestions to the author.
Btw, a webif update with better integration within smartdvb is planned for the next version, so to be continued...
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