SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 4

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SmartDVB 0.2.1 Beta 4

Postby SmartDVB » Mon May 09, 2011 12:46 pm

Here it is finally. Will not add any new features as i want this to be the latest beta for 0.2.1.

Here´s the changelog for this beta version:

v0.2.1 beta 4 (beta version bumped up because internal build was mistakenly released as beta3).
Fixed: issue where when selecting another device the initial reloading of the channel didn't
work correct the first time.
Added: Simple support for device auto-detect and switching on channel changes
(single dvb-s/c/t atsc device auto switch supported). Only tested switching dvb-s and
dvb-t devices.
Fixed: scheduler records were failing if guide event name was used as filename and a channel
change was required.
Added: DVB subtitles support, needs testing please report any issues (only visible with vmr/evr
renderers). You'll need to rescan for dvb subs to show up.
Added: Some interface changes as it's not necessary anymore to maintain compatibility with pre
xp systems.
Fixed: more scheduler fixes, when restarting application through scheduler correct channel
was not always selected.
Fixed: some optimizations to the channel list handling which should speed up the loading
of expanded channel lists.
Fixed: an mdapi issue with mdplug not working correctly (maybe will also allow more plugins to
run better).
Fixed: some robustness changes.
Added: some twinhan/azureware specific settings for tuning and diseqc to (Florian)
if you find your card works with other settings than the default please be so kind
to let me know which settings worked for you so i can update the auto-tuning code
and in such case also send me your bda.log (in the devices directory) so i can
see the excact name of your card.
Added: fullscreen option on startup (actually after the first successful tune this will be done).
Fixed: crc check retries when scanning. This might help when scanning low signal transponders.
Added: additional time in minutes (under record options) for scheduled tasks. These will
be automatically added/substracted when adding a task through epg.
Added: username/password schedule option. Although for now it seems you should always
schedule your tasks with win7 as the admin account as smart still needs to be
run as administrator. For scheduling to work for any user under win7 using the ms
task scheduler i will have to update the app to run under any user in the future or
create my own task scheduler.
Fixed: problem with large sized timeshift buffers.
Added: basic UDP streaming to vlc and maybe other players that support this. Only tested
with vlc please let me know your findings with this if you try it.
Fixed: Language handling changed to allow usage of translation of older versions. If resources
in the used language dll are out of date the app will default to the .exe resources.
Not 100% sure i've got everything covered here so let me know if you encounter problems.
Fixed: some changes to epg handling. Including some more iso processing for among others turkish
/arabic/hebrew/greek and some more.
Fixed: Signal measuring in changed somewhat and some fixes to the direct tuning.
Added: ffdecsa internal decoding now, no more need for ffdecsa.dll. Still need to fine-tune
this. If you can please report if this is still as efficient as previous versions
concerning cpu usage etc. Decided to do this as ffdecsa.dll was causing problems
on win 7 system as it sometimes did not load for unknown reasons.
Added: multi monitor support (for main, floating and fullscreen mode), needs testing.
Added: force lnb power on/off on device startup/close, useful at least for prof cards, only
implemented in (Florian).
Fixed: some more fixes to epg iso handling.
Fixed: bugfix in diseqc handling with commited/uncommited switches.
Added: app can now be started with scheduler command line parameters (see task info for scheduler task for command
Fixed: some fixes to dvb subtitles handling for polish streams.
Fixed: some issues with vplug not working properly in some cases.
Fixed: some changes to commited diseqc handling. Diseqc option 'send diseqc on each channel change' has been changed to
'send diseqc on each transponder change'. If you use commited switches and have problems switching during
scanning please turn this option on and see if things work better. Many thanks to moonlight for his help during
Fixed: moving timeshift buffer and starting mpg recording was broken, hopefully fixed now.
Changed: diseqc handling on add sat dialog when seleting the goto sat option has been changed to also
reflect any settings correctly.
Added: tevii implementation using the tevii sdk to, including remote. This will be used for standard as well as
direct tuning as it should be the fastest with tevii cards anyway.
Fixed: some longstanding issues with inserting the null filter (for osd viewing when no channel is able to be loaded)
no header found messages.Let me know your findings with this.
Fixed: some changes to the old osd filter and also some 'no header' messages which could result from using this.
Decided to look at this old filter i made as it perhaps can be used for 3d support (although it will produce
high cpu in such case as no dxva support for h264 is there yet).
Added: if null filter configured smart will try to show it also on radio channels now so the song name and
signal can be seen and osd operations can be done.
Changed: some changes to ts recording including stripping the saved PAT (previously the entire original PAT was saved, this
might make the ts records more compatible with more players, hopefully this doesn't break anything).
Changed: tried to remove all dependencies to older visual studio libraries. Just in case the setup.exe installs the
vs 2010 runtime libraries, but i hope this will not be needed and you simply can install the .msi
Fixed: Some more fixes to multimon support due to user reports.
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