Version 0.1.0 alpha released

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Version 0.1.0 alpha released

Postby SmartDVB » Sat Aug 01, 2009 10:43 pm

A new version 0.1.0 alpha is available now. Quite some changes so hopefully not too much is broken. Take care.

Mousewheel now changes volume.
Added some more windows to the view menu, they're also remembered now.
Fixed some audio connection errors i was having when using the legacy overlay mixer (this still gives the lowest cpu btw)
Fixed a bug where transponder modulation .ini entry was not read correctly if fec was empty
Added null filter to be able to show the VMR/EVR osd when no video is detected. You can turn this on under settings > OSD. If you notice stability issues turn this off please this is very experimental.
Added positioner support (raw, diseqc position and usals), untested for now, if you can test this let me know.
Added channel tune delay option after changing satellite with the positioner. This might help some users having problems with their rotors moving reliably.
Fixed the problem where the VMR osd would get garbled and stay onscreen, hopefully this won't happen anymore, if you still encounter this let me know (mention which video decoder and renderer you use).
Added a check for not yet updated scanned channels when pressing ok in the scan dialog.

Added preliminary DVB-T support to the bda device. Tested on my system with a pinnacle pctv stick and a european frequency list. You can add frequency lists in the transponders directory in the range 5000/5999.ini for this (ascending).
If you successfully test other country ini files please let me know and i'll try to add them to the distribution.
Added preliminary ATSC support to the bda device. Totally untested as i don't have atsc access. Frequency lists for this should be in the 4000/4999.ini range (ascending).
If you can test atsc support please contact me and we'll try to work things out.
Added preliminary AAC sound track support. Does not seem to work reliably on my system yet. Some codecs like Mainconcept AAC seem to work though.
Fixed a bug which would show teletext subtitles too fast.
Added a menu to add decoder filters under tools > settings > connection.
Added a menu to delete decoder filters under tools > settings > connection.
Added a number of modulation types which are propagated down to the bda driver. Also added modulation selection to dvb-t/atsc just in case.
Added sdt table 0x46 scanning to the scanner, under tools > settings > scanner. This might be useful for some transponders like on american dish, only tested with some dish dumps for now so be careful, if the scanning does not work correctly or gets unstable turn this off.
Added transponder synchronization dialog to the scanner dialog. Right now updates are possible from kingofsat/joshyfun other types might be added in the future.
Added NIT scanning to the scanner menu, under the same synchronization menu mentioned above.
Added buttons to delete/add transponders in the scanner dialog.
Added a number of embedded (16:9 image in 4:3 aspect window and vice versa) aspect ratios (zoom 16:9 embedded in 4:3,stretch 16:9 embedded in 4:3,zoom 4:3 embedded in 16:9 and stretch 4:3 embedded in 16:9)
Changed VMR9 handling so that zooming now works correctly (CTRL-NUMPAD+/-, SHIFT-NUMPAD+/-) (wasn't working with vmr9 on my system).
Added update button to the channel properties dialog, this will rescan for the channel information and update the dialog accordingly.
Added zoom 16:9 and zoom 4:3 aspect ratios, these will zoom to fill the screen without aspect loss but with some cropping. Make sure your video decoder does not perform it's own aspect ratio handling (anamorphic output for example with nvida)
Added some code to the bda twinhan diseqc handling to handle toneburst (simple diseqc), untested.
Added 22khz tone switch settings on/off for lnb types (other than universal lnb's ofcourse which handle 22khz switching by frequency switch), drivers updated accordingly. Untested, if you use this especially with the bda driver and it works let me know please.
Added a number of lnb types and fixed some issues with lnb selection. Not sure if i've handled bandstacking lnb's correctly couldn't find much info on this and i cannot test being in europe, if you test this let me know.
Changed the audio decoder connection mediatype somewhat to try to be compatible with more audio decoders, if you cannot connect to your audio decoder anymore let me know.
Fixed irritating bug where keypresses on plugins would propagate to the app too.
Changed renderer handling somewhat in hopes of making vmr9 more stable (noticed some stability issues with vmr9 after lots of channel changes)
Fixed a bug when adding a remote item which could cause a crash. Also now when pressing a digit to goto a channel the correct remote channel will be selected.
Added instance check, you can still start two smartdvb instances from different directories.
Various bugfixes.
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