SmartDVB 0.3.0 Beta 1 released

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SmartDVB 0.3.0 Beta 1 released

Postby SmartDVB » Wed Jan 30, 2013 10:25 pm


Here's the somewhat late beta 0.3.0 release. Late i might add due to dutch officials non-stop, still continuing, meddling with my life without necessity, it seems some dutch people have some soul searching to do concerning society nd normal human rights values. If some people find such comments odd, you better bet i also consider this quite odd coz even here at the Netherlands we have other dvb developers i'm sure, only differnce might be that my parents originally emigrated from Uruguay to here (the Netherlands) nd for all purposes they might consider this unwanted for me? (i've been nd felt discriminated these previous few years more then ever at my life here, nd i have lived here my entire life nd to all intents nd purposes am and always felt dutch, i'm sad to have to mention i don't now anymore coz i feel i've seen the true faces of the people here (they call this a catch-22, society tell you to try to excel in life, to be better or try to be whereever your capacities lie, so people try nd do this for social acceptance, but in reality it seems the opposite is true, if you excel at something others just hate you out of envy or whatever other underlying reasons, ofcourse racism seems to have gotten much larger here this previous decade, but having lived here all my life i now feel this has probably always been the same, it's just now that the dutch seem to show their real faces behind their facade of lies and deceit. How else could one be capable of persuing non criminals like criminals, with mental torture i'd call it intimidation etc etc, just for trying to get by at life with ones passion, rest assured these dutch even seem to want to remove those final ounces of passion one has for these things, they seem experts at mental torture games nd keeping people DOWN (stuff they literally shout at you with their racists bald faces) (i guess it's something they have had practise at for centuries it seems). So if i ever dissapear from here nd you never see ny more updates, rest assured that would not have been my choice nd you probably could guess where i ended (this makes me think actually of the legendary AltDVB nd the times
he vanished from the dvb community long time ago, i have to wonder what happened to such a person seeing what even happens here now to me in a so called civilized democratic country, poor altro, the only reason i feel i'm not at jail or whatever is that i actually decided to speak out whereever it seemed possible, thank god we have internet nd some global community now, i have to shudder where i'd be now otherwise, which don't mean these dutch have ceized their to me illegal activities)..

but that aside, lots of additions/alterations to this new beta release. I'll name the most prominent:

-new SmartOSD for most osd elements..
- multi language epg support..
- multi records for current transponder/frequence, including mdapi support...
- new station list which would allow for for information there at future times (old treeview list still is usable nd selectable throught he view menu)..
- error reports built in, you should be able to send the reports directly to me, screenshots/logs etc r included, but optional to send ofcourse wrt to privacy. Please send error reports if possible for
future improvement of this software. Already lots more bugs seem fixed compared to previous times which only aids stability.
- new installation which includes install without admin rights needed at win7/8
- win8 should be more compatible now (fullscreen mode bugs etc)..
- integrated teletext with smartosd nd also new epg (still needs wrk), dvb subtitles, ttx subtitles etc all added to options smartosd menu..
- new graphical smartosd timeshift
- better support for remote nd remote list maintenance, still needs tests so if you try the new smartosd at tv or remote please let me know your suggestions or what you still find missing..
- and much much more, but i'll leave the comments for now coz i'm quite tired..
- logos support for new station list nd new epg (put your logos at smartdvb logos folder). If people r able to provide like logo packs i'd be much obliged.
- first ability to create AddOns with smartdvb api (please contact me for example/or api description, still needs work nd tst ofcourse)..
- better mpeg record capabilities, should be more compatible now also AC3 mpeg record capabilities. Also H.264's recorded with mpeg ps container, which is not real standard it seems but seems to operate.

best regards!
SmartDVB, still alive somewhere...
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