0.3.0 beta 2

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0.3.0 beta 2

Postby SmartDVB » Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:44 pm


Here's the next tst beta for 0.3.0 beta 2 let's call it.
Mainly corrections some small additions nd fixes also to custom station list mainly. Also added support for picon logo's like suggested i'll post some urls here with logo's tx to marting for this.


here's the alteration log:

v0.3.0 beta 2 bugfix
fix: some iso bug fix wrt return being shown like '?'.
fix: alteration wrt windows 8 window mode switch (fullscreen/main/windowed).
fix: some altertions to try to get polish codepages to operate ok by default.
fix: custom station list icons r not scaled now but drawn to actual bitmap sizes so you r able replace them with smaller/larger ones.
fix: custom station list fixes wrt small fonts which were not shown correct.
corrected: logos able to be transparent now.
add: epg item font select to epg options.
add: select of specific device per frequency list (switch for now). This allows selection of different device per frequency list (useful
for sat mainly).
corrected: various bufixes (skystar2 device seemed to fail sometimes, probably related to some data trying to be written at local/appdata
so if people experience skystar2 issues still, try to install app at 'program files' for now)
cor: various bugfixes.
add: double-click to select station with new custom list should operate now.
add: basic skin option wrt to osd/custom list images to smartosd options (needs to be extended at future but for now only images).
Settings/skins.ini is used to configure skin name/folder (sub folder of images) 'nd author.
add: support for picon style enigma icons included transparency (place the icons at logos subfolder with sat id, eg logos\192\, logos\130)
corrected: some corrections to report processing (not everything seemed processed correctly, more logs added).
corrected: acamd exception should b corrected now.
add: section filter to addons.
corrected: timeshift path option did not operate correct (no update).
corrected: dish scan did not operate (not tested).
add: max logo height for custom station list to station list properties.
corrected: some alterations to setup wrt upgrades.
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