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SmartDVB 0.3.0 Release Candidate

PostPosted: Sat Apr 06, 2013 3:30 pm
by SmartDVB

Here's the 0.3.0 Release Candidate.

Alteration History:

v0.3.0 Release Candidate
corrected: issue with open db's at appdata folder path.
corrected: scan issue when update stations.
corrected: skystar issue with appdata path once more.
corrected: some issue with wrong processed dvb subtitles at some stations.
corrected: epg issue with north america (windowed epg would not show correct all the time).
also left/right with smartosd station data now also moves through simple epg/stations, to
preview mini osd station epg without tune with remote (enter should then tune station if so required etc).
add: NA modulations (DSS QPSK)
(Digicipher II Combo)
(Digicipher II Split (I))
(Digicipher II Split (Q))
(Digicipher II Offset QPSK)
to app, implementation (should operate with genpix bda devices untested).
add: persian iso support to epg (not tested)
corrected: BDA_MOD_32APSK modulation issue which probably didn't process this modulation correct (untested)
add: website hyperlink to about dialog.
corrected: some exceptions/problems corrections.
add: above mentioned NA modulations to blindscanner/ (untested).
corrected: fastsatfinder syncs did not show 8psk modulations correct.
corrected: possible issue with diseqc rotor console step east/west at seconds mode.
corrected: again more corrected exceptions/issues due to reports i hope.
done: some general app robustization.
corrected: mpeg radio/audio records seemed broken, should operate again.
done: upgraded report module to current one.
add: keep display on to general settings (should override power save options which might turn display
off while video available).
corrected: dcII muxes process correction (video/radio PID's did not get detected correct like video/radio
stations). No dss streams processing this might be enabled somehow at future.
Note for now does not operate with dcII modulations, please use (florian) which
requires the genpix bda driver to be installed.
add: new tsb interfaces to (Florian). Tested with tbs5925 seems auto-detect code did not operate
correct for this tbs device (please let me know if new tbs interfaces r ok for ur tbs device too only
tested with tbs 5925 and commited switch).
corrected: most new strings moved to resources to allow for translations. If you attempt a translation but still
miss some localized strings please let me know.
add: smartosd option to disable transparency, if you have cpu/video issues (especially with smartosd epg)
try this option (at future release this might be made configurable per osd element).
add: SmartOSD program nfo now also shown when main windowed epg clicked. Also click at screen/image while
p/i visible should hide p/i.
add: visibility option to smartosd settings to allow for hide/show of main/windowed popup osd elements.
altered: send diseqc at each frequency alteration's now enabled by default.
altered: module at new install now select direct tune mode for prof7301, seems for some users
default bda tune does not operate correct with this device, direct mode seems to operate better.
add: simple anti-repeat to remote options.
corrected: no-signal process should operate better now.