SmartDVB 0.3.5 beta 1 released

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SmartDVB 0.3.5 beta 1 released

Postby SmartDVB » Fri Aug 23, 2013 1:22 pm

Here's the 0.3.5 beta 1:

Lots of modifications once more. Main added features:

- basic PIP (includes mdapi support).
- scheduler modifications (includes multiple mux scheduled records).
- MIS/PLS to blindscanner (dvb-s2 streamreader.dll only).
- user definable (custom) list with order (also for favorites) drag/drop cut/paste.
- listed EPG search/scheduler.
- epg database modifications to improve application (epg) speed. Databases now also include -WAL and -SHM files. If you
experience epg database issues please make sure the previous smarteit.db is deleted (should be deleted by install/setup btw).
If you copy database also make sure to copy the -wal/-shm files too.

total history log:

v0.3.5 Beta 1
fixed: scheduler didn't exit/shutdown app correct after recent (mux records) modifications.
fixed: resize issues with epg search at smartosd mode.
added: PLS support to blindscanner/app. PLS mode/codes saved to .bs files, eg: 12538,H,27500,23,8PSK,MIS:1[0:8]
(tested with tbs 6925/5925).
fixed: lnb power off at app exit did not operate well (tbs devices).
added: schedule option to station menu.
added: pip record option to pip menu.

v0.3.5 pre Beta 1 test 3
fixed: added some drag/drop images which were missing from the setup (wouldn't allow correct drag/drop at favs/custom lists)
added: possible to add stations to custom list category like favorites (not only drag/drop).
fixed: view status options didn't operate correct every time with addition of the new graphical status bar.
added: PIP connection dialog to settings for seperate directshow PIP codecs/renderers.
Make sure you select 'directsound' audio renderers for main/pip to ensure correct audio with pip usage!.
modified: some pip modifications due to vmr9 incompatibilities/errors.
modified: some MIS (multiple input streams) errors/bugs (only for
note: when blinscan finds MIS streams these are saved to the .bs frequency list (MIS:1) after the modulation field eg:
It's then also possible to scan these .bs with the normal scan (only with

fixed: setup error where w7/8 install at 'program files' didn't run smartdvb.exe elevated (admin).
modified: default graphical app status graphics (less obtrusive).

v0.3.5 pre Beta 1 test 2
fixed: some issues with s2-qpsk modulation addition which broke some s2-qpsk modulation tune with some devices.
fixed: issue which didn't allow scanned stations to be added (MIS related)
fixed: video color settings didn't operate with vmr9/pip.

v0.3.5 pre Beta 1 test
notes: scheduler modifications (NID add) breaks previous scheduled jobs (remove previous scheduled jobs or clean install)
also please delete smarteit.db due to EIT database modifications too.
PIP's only been tested with win7 so xp/win8 reports with respect to this r needed.
this versions's got quite a lot of low level modifications, due to pip etc, so please report issues with
video different to previous version (0.3.0).
<< send your future mail messages to, the old jackjavo hotmail account is no longer valid.

added: mdapi 188 packet size requests should be honoured now.
added: audio station a/b filter. If the filter does not connect please select other audio decoder (non ac3).
added: directshow video connection now allows for seperate ac3/audio decoder.
added: video color settings (procamp, vmr9/EVR).
added: epg search dialog now uses a list, provides better filters.
added: specific s2-qpsk for better import/process of actual qpsk s2 modulation. Needs to be looked at if nothing broken
(scanner, syncs etc).
modified: some modification to level/signal processing.
corrected: epg auto delete could be unstable, moved more to idle time now if possbile.
added: main/smartosd epg progress auto update now, should not remain static no more.
corrected: some failure with cyberlink audio decoder (possibly other audio codecs should operate better now
or at least connect).
added: scheduler now also initiates record like extra mux record if possible (if scheduled record is for same current recorded mux).
corrected: better guide name check/retrieve with scheduler.
added: epg button to smartosd options menu (next to epg search).
added: guide/epg data to schedule dialog (new dialog).
added: MIS (multiple input streams) support to blinscanner/app (also scanner with .BS tables should
process MIS streams). Only would function with (not Untested. Possible to set specific mis id's at station properties.
added: Audio a/b selection to station properties. Only used when the audio select filter is used which
should be only for 16 bit stereo audio, not ac3 etc (at such situations the audio filter should
not be inserted). For some audio codecs you might need to ensure audio output is set to 16 bit otherwise sound
might sound odd.
added: Epg search list to smartosd options menu.
added: Keyboard for remote input (search epg edit etc).
added: renderless schedule task option.
added: scheduler (exit/shutdown etc) timeout option.
added: custom station list progress color configurable with skinconfig.ini at skin folder.
added: orders for favorites/categories. Favorites now added with specific database order at end of categories.
added: basic drag/drop for favorites order. Also for single categories order (only possible after one
selects single favorite category). Drag/drop only for custom list (not legacy treeview).
added: basic simple cut/paste for favorites order.
added: possible to view/see stations at epg search list (dialog/osd).
added: definable custom lists, with (sub) categories /drag drop, also includes category collapsed state save.
Now you should be able to create whatever type of list you need/require. Drag drop should be supported
(for categories only a single selected cat could be dropped elsewhere).
corrected: some corrections to scheduler which could fail if a job got initiated while other job already initiated.
Now the scheduler should try to create extra frequency/mux records so you should still be able to
scheduleview/record other same mux stations. The NID now's also used for schedule jobs, you'll have to
remove/recreate current scheduled jobs coz these might fail now.
modified: some libraries updated, might improve compatibility with w8 (untested).
added: float window resize mode (free or resize window with aspect ratio resize constraints).
added: small toolbar icons option to main view menu (request).
added: window station list to windowed video mode.
added: process priority to tools menu.
added: rebuild graph when buffer overflow occurs (directshow settings).
added: PIP. MDAPI supported up to 64 stations (coupled to records mdapi, PIP itself isn't limited)
(like with multi records same plugins0-64 folders r used)
added: record option to record encrypted stations too (only stream records comply, not mpg).
fixed: issue which made tbs 5925 remote not function correct (could correct other tbs usb remote issues too).
added: auto PIP mode (automatic show x pip stations at station modification)
added: pip timeshift options (seperate pip timeshift buffer files created at defined pip folder (timeshift1/2/3.ts etc) .
added: graphical (skin) status bar for main app (old status bar still accessible through view menu).
modified: deletion of old/obsolete epg entries now moved to application exit (current delete during app idle time could
lead to too much issues this might be a better solution). Epg options added to disable/delete/defragment epg
database (defragment the epg database to improve epg performance periodical).
added: scheduler option to record every transport stream PID.
modified: signal/quality retrieval logic's been modified somewhat, might improve for devices which showed 100/0 stats/qual

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