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SmartDVB 0.3.5 Release

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2013 11:17 pm
by SmartDVB
Here's the final 0.3.5 Release

Main additions, which most probably already know from the beta's, this time are PIP, improved EPG search capabilities, multiple same mux record scheduling and lots of other improvements/additions/enhancements.

0.3.5 release ChangeLog

v0.3.5 Release
fixed: smartosd channel list (floating/fullscreen) seemed broken.
fixed: ms dtv-dvd video should connect better now (some other codecs like ffdshow might have less issues with no connection error
messages sometimes too).

v0.3.5 Release test
fixed: transport stream file play didn't work correctly with timeshift disabled.
added: option to scan dialog to delete stations for the current frequency. Useful to remove dead stations before a re-scan (note you'll loose all favorites/remote/custom link entries).
added: optional favorite filter to epg search (might not be very efficient atm).
modified: udp stream now restarted after making sure video headers etc have been received (could improve webinterface integration at some situations).
added: possibility to group general station list based on CAID added due to popular
demand(channel list group properties).
fixed: side by side windows event error log should be removed now.
modified: some minor cosmetic modifications to the epg search results.
added: compact list view mode to epg search.
fixed: some freesat epg process issues, freesat epg should be better now, please report remaining issues.
added: some modulation options to scanner/select menu.
added: remove dead station option to main 'channels' menu.
fixed: moved missing epg content description strings to resources.
fixed: station search with custom lists did not work.
fixed: some polsat epg issues/exceptions.
fixed: attempt to remove occasional main window tab epg duplicates.
modified: some aac modifications to, should/could now connect better with codecs like ffdshow/lav/divx aac, please report issues.
added: aac filter option to station list properties (you need to rescan for this to work properly).
fixed: possible issues with HD PIP stations.