version 0.1.2 alpha released

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version 0.1.2 alpha released

Postby SmartDVB » Tue Sep 15, 2009 1:17 pm

Version 0.1.2 is up:

v0.1.2 Fixed: OSD font change wasn't being saved correctly.
Added: Preliminary DVB-C support to the app and bda driver, tested by silencer thanks to him.
Added: HD channels correct aspect ratio detection.
Fixed: tried to remove the flickering that was happening in the status bar under certain circumstances, if you still experience this let me know please.
Added: 'main window on top' will keep the main smartdvb window always on top. Request by frozen-figo.
Added: option to channel list options to show the SID (channel number) in the channel list and favorites. Also added a SID channel list sort option.
Fixed: simple change to history addition to not allow the same channel to be pushed onto the list eternally.
Fixed: simple change to hopefully show fullscreen window on current display smartdvb is on, untested as i have only one monitor here, thanks to moonchild for reporting this.
Added: polarisation selection option in the scanner dialog.
Added: scan current transponder menu option.
Added: toolbar button for floating window.
Added: renderless mode in toolbar and menu. This will stop rendering video/audio but most other functions will remain intact.
Added: changed epg screen handling to show arabic text correctly hopefully.
Fixed: some issues with an exception on application exit.
Added: Elementary stream edit/add/delete options to channel properties dialog.
Added: Conditional access edit/add/delete options to channel properties dialog.
Added: Transport stream PID record menu which is optionally shown before recording. This allows recording of multiple audio tracks etc, only for ts recordings.
Added: preferred languages to scanner options. This will auto select preferred languages when scanning.
Fixed: changed c-band handling due to some testing from pedrinho, many thanks to him. This is working for him now if you also use c-band successfully (or not) please inform me.
Added: diseqc console for various motor (diseqc 1.2) commands.
Added: added raw diseqc support for technotrend cards to the bda module. Had to use ttBdaDrvApi_Dll.dll for this as i wasn't able to get the bda sdk from the company yet, if anyone knows or can supply me this sdk i'd appreciate it.
Added: crc check settings for si tables to the scanner options.
Added: lock check option to bda device settings, might not work on all cards but if it does can speed up scanning.
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