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SmartDVB 0.4.0 Beta 1

PostPosted: Wed Apr 30, 2014 4:18 pm
by SmartDVB
Version 0.4.0 Beta 1

It's time for another beta round.

Main additions this time:

- support for multiple LNB's on a per satellite basis, based on frequency selection. You should be able to define more than 1 lnb with the satellite settings dialog (main menu 'add/edit frequencies > settings') for a specific satellite. This might be most useful for north american (c-band) users, so please let me know if this works as advertised for
you since I'm not able to test this very thorough.
- MadVR support. MadVR will show up as a selectable renderer only if installed. Please note that you require a strong system setup and 3d graphics video card to make use of MadVR, so don't go trying this on older systems please.
- left/right stereo Audio spectrum.
- client/server mode with HTTP or UDP streaming, including transcoding with an external transcoder like ffmpeg.exe (latter included in the installer archive). Requires testing.
- transport stream records transcoding, allowing you to save the recording to mp4/wmv/mp4/mkv/avi/mpg through ffmpeg transcoding (note mp4 transcoding will not work on XP systems, this is a known issue atm).
- parental lock settings.
- various scanner (normal scanner not blindscanner) enhancements and modifications (changes detection when updating, more frequencly list sorting etc) , requires testing.
- basic stream analyzer.
- providerid's should now be detected, where possible.
- and more
- as always lots of bug fixes and corrections/modifications.

As always, although quite extensive tests already have been done for this new beta, please still be careful when installing beta versions, preferably do a clean install or if you would like to test the upgrade process make sure you backup your previous install (the installer should backup your essential files if so required, but you never know of course).

v0.4.0 beta 1
fixed: occasional crash when stopping mpeg records (heap related).
fixed: major interface problem which would make the blindscanner unresponsive (introduced issue).
fixed: Cinergy S2 CI should now also work (twinhan mode).
fixed: video freeze problem which sometimes could occur with timeshift enabled.
fixed: various lastminute bugfixes.
fixed: crash which could occur when disabling/enabling audio spectrum.

v0.4.0 beta 1 test (version bumped up to 0.4.0)
added: sound feedback to scanner dialog. Might be useful to adjust satellites.
fixed: issue with hidden dishnet scan which would not show correct signal stats in the transponder
modified: by default smartosd is not enabled now with new installs (it possibly leads to slower performance issues on slower systems, so to enable users first just view tv without other interference). Thanks for those tips, you know who you are. modified: audio a/b select filter is now also used for ac3/aac if selected/
added: parental lock (child lock) options to channels
added: flv/ts HTTP transport streaming for better integration with the web interface.
added: tooltip feedback to settings (leaves more space for actual options where needed and allows for more help feedback).
added: smartexec/smartdvb command line options '/birate kbps', eg '/bitrate 1000' sets the max streaming transcode bitrate to 1000 and '/res 544x576' to set a specific transcode resolution. 'standard' sets the original video resolution, '/res standard'. 'SD' sets the default SD resolution, '/res sd' (which is 544x576 atm).These options are mainly added for the webinterface integration, use it when viewing specific stations via command line to request a specific transcode bitrate/resolution for the tune.
fixed: issue with pip resize from bottom-left corner.
added: UDP multicast setting to http streaming settings dialog. Untested.
added: http streaming registers all local interfaces IP addresses option. This is useful if you have multiple interfaces you wish to have http access to.
modified: some underlying modifications to the graph building/rebuilding. Some people reported memory issues there. Please let me know if everything is still the same concerning graph rebuilding/renderer usage etc if possible.
improved: some smartexec modifications to differentiate correctly between multiple instances of smartdvb (scheduled recordings for multiple instances would fail or not work correct, requires testing).

v0.3.6 test 3
modified: clean installs should default to EVR renderer (win7+).
fixed: some scan bugs related to newly added multiple lnb support.
fixed: epg search should now also work for hebrew/perhaps other codepages, please report if you still have issues doing correct searches.
added: new animation setup for smartosd (directx 9 required).
improved: now tries to save/restore device selection settings per device instead of global.
added: epg search option to main epg context menu.
added: new video header which uses images akin to SmartOSD.
improved: some fixes/modifications to snap to other windows, window dragging.
fixed: issue with old legacy treeview station list showing duplicate favorite categories.
fixed: issue with station properties dialog selecting wrong ECM value when double-clicking ca listview.
added: http stream option. Tested with VLC. It might be needed to start the application with administrative privileges to register a specific set http url. This is required by MS api calls which don't allow http server urls to be registered without administrative privileges, such is only required a single time after that you don't need to run the app with admin privileges, just needed for url registration. For me this actually works quite well with VLC, also with station switches.
added: MadVR renderer support. Please note that this third party renderer requires game like gpu performance and uses lots of memory/resources/tweaks, which could lead to exceptions during my tests, might still need work, so not intended for the slower systems. You'll need to install madvr for it to be enabled (renderer selection).
fixed: smartexec.exe should accept lower case too.
added: keyboard mute should also mute PIP windows.
added: first basic setup of client/server modes. Enable specific client/server settings to setup a client/server. UDP/HTTP streaming to a client is available atm. At this moment only UDP unicast is supported and a single client can receive the stream (also for HTTP). Only limited testing done by myself locally. Besides installing smartdvb at the client side and setting the client checkbox to enable client mode you should also copy the smartdvb.db database to the client for now (i'll see to add some smartdvb.db copy option for the client lateron). Only a single client can connect to the HTTP streamer or UDP unicast stream at this moment.
added: ability to transcode streaming (UDP/HTTP) with ffmpeg for lower bandwidth requirements over the internet (experimental, use at your peril).
added: vlc HTTP password to UDP settings (seems this is required for new VLC releases).
added: EPG option to not show content icons (only shows content category text strings then).
added: client/server: client now also retrieves signal statistics.
fixed: added fix for garbled freeview HD epg (unverified).
fixed: some custom list issues when viewing the list with the legacy treeview (empty categories would not be shown correct, some other bugs).
added: option to transcoder to transcode TS recordings with ffmpeg to other formats (mp4,wmv,avi,mkv,mpg). You need to have transport stream recordings enabled at the record settings for this to work.
fixed: longstanding issue which caused keyboard shortcuts or remote to not react sporadically.
added: option to client/server settings dialog to set remote transcode bitrate, useful to adjust such parameter from the client.
fixed: audio pid synchronization for client/server (sometimes wrong audio would be sent resulting in frozen video at the client).
added: client mode now also processes EPG content from server (should also work with transcode enabled, needs to be tested) .
fixed: reported scheduler issue when scheduling multiple sequential schedules for the same station the record task would be skipped if a recording already was busy, now the previous scheduled task should be stopped and the new one continued.

v0.3.6 pre beta test 2
improved: volume logic should be better now.
fixed: polish terrestrial EPG should work (broken with 0.3.5).
fixed: polish sat epg should not skip first 2 characters.
added: audio selection to video context menu.
added: provider-id, ident to ca settings/mdapi (still might need work).
added: basic transport stream analyzer.
improved: Scan update dialog updated, uses tabs, shows more data, allows you to see differences when station parameters are modified. Also you should be able to select which lost stations should not be removed.
fixed: EPG Search didn't use correct default interval at startup.
fixed: EPG Search station tune (context menu) sometimes tuned the wrong station.
fixed: Record names should show leading zero now for minutes/seconds/hours. improved: Scan dialog now also supports transponder list sorts (freq/pol/symb etc). Also now support multiple selection. Plus other minor improvements/additions to the scanner dialog.
added: audio renderer selection to video popup.
added: providerid to station properties CA dialog (edit/add).
added: MIS/PLS settings to scanner manual/add/edit frequency dialog.
added: possibility to define more LNB's at the satellite settings dialog (you should be able to define frequency ranges which should allow the app to select the correct LNB based on such given frequencies when tuning/scanning etc). Note that some modifications were required to diseqc handing und such for this to work correct, so please report if your switches/rotors still work well/worse with this build compared to previous builds (0.3.5).
added: fine tune steps to positioner/usals settings (satellite settings dialog). Note such settings only used when using the positioner together with the 'delay tune after positioner move' settings (tools > diseqc).
added: swap main/pip option to PIP context menu
added: PIP mute/pip unmute but mute all others option to pip context menu.
improved: New blue EPG navigation buttons.
added: blue guide (epg) height configuration.
added: PIP snap to other PIP windows.
added: Rebar state should be saved/restored now.
improved: EPG duplicate removal (could cost CPU please report if you're troubled by higher cpu usage).
improved: EPG nagivation buttons plus navigation should retain half hour boundries (for better usability).
fixed: several blue EPG bugs/inconsistencies.
improved: Transport Stream analyzer improvements (ability to sort by header etc).
added: graphical station list should refresh (about every 60 seconds) to update epg data.
added: (blue) epg option to not show content categories (useful when using lower item heights to still show data).
fixed: some resize issues with PIP resize and windowed mode (windows were sometimes also moved etc).
improved: audio select filter should work better.
improved: some modifications to to try to improve TBS remote freeze issues (needs tsts, might also improve stability issues with tbs devices).
added: audio/sound spectrums(includes 44 bar left/right or single power bar spectrum).
fixed: bug with pip usage which could block main video (when PIP timeshift ff (fastforward) used).
added: satellite name to station list when grouping by sat.
fixed: procamp for vmr9 didn't work correct.
improved: added some proper procamp (video color) defaults. Also fixed some bugs.
added: aac filter indicator to status (still missing)