SmartDVB 0.4.0 Beta 2

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SmartDVB 0.4.0 Beta 2

Postby SmartDVB » Fri Jun 20, 2014 3:33 pm

I've released the next beta 2 test version of this next upcoming release:

This beta release has some urgent bugfixes which caused crashes with beta1 version, especially when switching devices etc.

Main addition this time is basic HEVC support.

Per request here's a simple .ZIP archived portable version for people that don't require or want the install. Just unpack this archive somewhere, run filters/registerfilters.bat to register the needed filters (run it with administrator privileges, on windows 7 right click on the file in explorer and select 'run as administrator'). Run 'filters/ unregisterfilters.bat' to remove the registered filters registry entries from the system again if you don't require smartdvb to be run anymore (optional of course).


v0.4.0 beta 2 test
added: smartexec /channel option saves currently selected channel (satid,nid,tid,sid) to channel.dat in the settings folder.
fixed: lag issue which could occur with skystar devices (
fixed: crash which could occur when switching to/from direct tune mode.
fixed: skystar HD Express should now also work with skystar WDM device (, should be a better option for owners of such devices compared to the buggy
bda implementation technisat provides.
fixed: transcode parameters were not saved correct/used at the transcode settings dialog.
fixed: video status bar would not update EPG progress/textual data correctly at all times, should work better now.
fixed: signal stats were not being shown correct (quality/level were shown as being the same).
fixed: edit filter should be maintained between channel tab switches.
added: HTTP stream option to stream radio station with MP3. (TV stations should also send the audio only through this http url).
added: basic transcode profile settings to allow for easier change/selected of different streaming/recording parameter sets. Seemed like a necessity to add
this to the current external ffmpeg transcode setup. Profiles are saved to settings/transcode.ini
fixed: scan update dialog lost channels are now sorted by frequency.
fixed: some issues with transport stream transcoded recordings (mp4/mkv).
added: remote ch# selection should also move epg to the selected remote tab channel.
fixed: channel list tv filter would not be retained across application instances.
fixed: adding a blindscan range now uses correct c-band defaults
fixed: client mode now also takes extra buffering into account when receiving streams (if set it's used for client side receive buffering).
fixed: some transcode profile interface inconsistencies.
added: ability to hide video status (main menu > view)
added: optional extra video status line showing video/audio type and simple record progress.
added: video process to connection settings dialog. This allows you to enter a filter like for example 'ffdshow raw filter' to process video.
added: alternate video decoder, based on name selection for now, if you have other suggestions please let me know. You can use this to for example select
a different decoder for HD compared to H.264 (by entering a name like ' HD' or alike).
added: seperate h.264 ffmpeg record transcode command lines. So you're able to differentiate between then when recording, on slower systems you H264 transcoding
speed is increased by using preset -superfast where possible. This might decrease recording quality in such cases though, remove it again if you don't have
issues with the efficiency of these transcoding on your system. Please note that slower systems might simply have problems automagically transcoding some
recording types, if you're system simply isn't efficient enough for ffmpeg to transcode in real-time this might be unsolvable besides a quicker cpu.
fixed: HTTP streaming seemed to fail on some XP systems, added HTTP option to optimize http streaming which might allow such XP systems to stream correctly when enabled.
modified: HTTP internal caching reworked somewhat to try to make it more stable under various network conditions.
added: renderless video renderer.
modified: some changes to due to reports, some people seem to have some weird exceptions there sometimes.
If you experience worse/sluggish video or lockups at exit please let me know, i might need to revert these changes if it's not for the better.
added: option to schedule task exit to close the dvb device (experimental might be unstable, /STOPDEV parameter added to smartexec.exe for this purpose).
fixed: some problems with audio process filter being added twice under some settings situations.
fixed: some additional bug report fixes/modifications.
added: basic initial HEVC support. Current known codecs which support HEVC are lentoid/LAV/latest cyberlink. Please note that some of these codecs are still quite
unstable and could result in application exceptions related to these codecs. HEVC is not implemented for PIP atm (seemed like overkill with just 2-4
available and unstable satellite HEVC streams)
fixed: main app status bar did not remain hidden if so requested on restart.

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