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version 0.1.5 alpha released

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2009 6:51 pm
by SmartDVB
Version 0.1.5 is online now:

Changelog. Main thing new is genpix north american support:

v0.1.5 Fixed: ALT keyboard shortcuts (like for example ALT+ENTER) were not working correctly.
Fixed: dvb-t/c were broken in last version.
Fixed: Scheduler was broken in last version.
Added: aspect ratio settings now work with more codecs for vmr7/9 and overlay mixing renderer.
Fixed: Small problem with epg not showing the entire short event descriptors for some providers.
Fixed: plugins now accept mousewheel messages
Added: prof-tuners diseqc support.
Fixed: updated sqlite to the latest version online.
Added: Prof-tuners remote control support to bda device.
Added: connection settings to the video window popup menu.
Added: Channel list settings to the channel window popup menu.
Added: Scrollwheel volume changing is now optional (settings > general).
Added: Record timer to toolbar.
Fixed: Diseqc console made modeless so you can move and tune at the same time.
Fixed: Channel list context menu now allows channel properties to be changed without the need to switch the current channel.
Fixed: Channel list font change now also includes codepage.
Added: Cyrillic support to channel list and epg (should also support arabic text now, for the blue epg screen set the font to a cyrillic one), untested. Other languages can be added if you want one implemented please let me know.
Added: turbo-8psk/qpsk modulations and some fec values needed for future support of these modulations.
Fixed: nasty bug which could cause memory leakage and crashes in epg.
Fixed: some bugs when viewing epg in evr/vmr mode which sometimes messed up the video.
Added: Default ts PAT/PMT/ECM recording options, which will also be used on scheduled ts records by default.
Added: czech and slovenian (iso 6937) support to the epg.
Added: v0.0.2 for genpix devices support for N.A, many thanks to genpix for developing this.
Fixed: epg on main screen now should show current event better (not only if available as present event).
Fixed: aspect ratio for dishnet hd channels was not shown correctly.
Added: customize for N.A. option in the scanner for correct dishnet name scanning.
Fixed: mouse hiding in evr fullscreen under win7 was not working correctly.