Split recording file

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Split recording file

Postby BipBip » Fri Mar 18, 2011 5:59 pm

Don't know if it has been suggested already but here it goes.

It can be annoying to seek big files to go to the exact time you want if the recorded file is very big and has several hours of recording. Also for eventually editing the recorded files if it's several gigabytes, and it can easily be for HD channels left on record for some hours, it can be hard to manage such files. So I suggest an option to being able to use split files, by size or, why not, by recording time. splits of 1, 2, 4 gigas or splits by hour/half an hour wud be just perfect.

And since I'm at it I tested the leaked beta and it's no doubt a nice upgrade from the previous version. Icons are very nice and indeed the support of terrestrial and sat at same time is a very nice feature. Also, I see you changed the way you were adjusting the sound, I was about to report it but now it's perfect since it's independent from the "global" sound.

The only thing I miss, but I suppose it's on your TODO list is being able to record a channel while watching another that is in the same transponder or from another device, like recording a sat channel while viewing a terrestrial one.

Also, and not very important, when disabling the video (renderless mode) the image is not erased from the viewing window. Don't know if it's intended that way but I wud prefer that it be erased when disabling it. Otherwise it gives me the impression that the application got frozen and has crashed :lol: Matter of taste I suppose.

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