My plugins for SmartDVB don´t work, HELP (version 0.3.0+)

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My plugins for SmartDVB don´t work, HELP (version 0.3.0+)

Postby SmartDVB » Fri Sep 20, 2013 12:41 pm

From version 0.3.0 of smartdvb onwards there are two methods to install. When the setup is run you're able to select installation of application data files at your local application data folder. This is the default install procedure. The other option allows you to install all files at the same folder (this is how previous versions of the SmartDVB install worked). Windows 7/8 requires the application data files (like databases/plugins/configuration files) to be placed somewhere where those files have write permission, this is necessary to be able to run the application without administrator (elevated) rights. Plugins also should go at the local application data folder in such case because some plugins write logs or configuration files etc which could make them fail.

So if you want to run SmartDVB without admin rights needed you should look for the data files here for example (windows 7) "c:\users\YOUR NAME\appdata\local\smartdvb'. Where you should replace 'YOUR NAME' with the actual name of the user name with which you installed SmartDVB. Under that folder you should also see the database files (smartdvb.db for channel data, smarteit.db for guide data) and folders like plugins/logs/transponders.

If you installed all files at the same folder (second, non default, install option) then you should simply find all files/folders at the same folder where you installed SmartDVB. Remember that then SmartDVB needs to run with elevated privileges, otherwise it will fail when using windows 7+(on xp there are no such issues btw).

Note: When SmartDVB is started it always check for the settings.ini file at the application data Settings folder (e.g. "c:\users\YOUR NAME\appdata\local\smartdvb\settings\settings.ini"). If this file is found it is presumed the application data should be located there, if settings.ini is not found the application presumes the data files/folders should be at the same folder smartdvb.exe is located. When needing to run multiple instances of smartdvb with separate databases/configurations/transponder files you would need to rename/delete the settings.ini located a the application data folder to ensure SmartDVB actually uses the separate database/configuration files, thus located at the same folder, if so desired.
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