Versions 0.2.0 and higher work on xp and newer operating systems. Versions 0.1.5 and lower also work on older operating systems like windows 2000

Download win 32 portable release

Portable win32 release which includes all fixes/changes from the x64 update below. Includes zoom dialog and H.264 4:2:2 improvements.

Download x64 update Beta 1 Site 1

please download this update if you have initial settings issues with the original x64 build release

Download x64 Beta 1 Site 1

Download SmartDVB x64 Beta 1 : Size: 25 MB

The first x64 SmartDVB build is now available as a portable download. To install this simply unpack the archive to a folder of choice. Run the incluced batch file 'filters\registerfilters.bat' as administrator. Please note that the x64 build requires x64 decoder versions (both video and audio), previously installed 32 bit versions of decoders will not be seen by the 64 bit version, so please make sure you also install the appropriate x64 versions of the codecs you wish to use with the x64 build. You should now be able to run SmartDVB.exe. This version tries to improve video quality in general, including better 4:2:2 support. Initial unicode support is also added for channel, channellists and EPG. If you still find parts of the app which should be updated for unicode support please let me know.

Download SmartDVB 0.5.0 Release : Size: 25 MB

Improvements and fixes to DVB-T2 PLP handling. Added T2-MI satellite support to the normal scanner and channellists. Improved snapshot support and legacy VMR7 renderer support. New iconset which now also reflects H265 channels. Internal channellist resources moved to images/resources (treeview, scanner and blindscanner). Compact list mode added to graphical channellist. Also various othe fixes incorporated along the lines of previous 0.5.0 test versions.

Download 0.5.0 Release Site 1

Download SmartDVB RC3 : Size: 25 MB

Initial PLP (DVB-T2) support added. Some enhancements to the normal scanner for INI management. Ability to add a new channel in the channel properties dialog. Various fixes and improvements to channel tuning. Remotes were not working for non TBS devices, should be better now.

Download RC 3 Site 1

Download SmartDVB 0.5.0 RC2 : Size: 21 MB

This version improves HEVC support and adds MadVR support for the current MadVR renderers. Also AAC support might be somewhat improved supporting more AAC codecs. HTTP streaming has also been improved, including options to try to support more clients.

Download 0.5.0 RC 2 mirror 1

Download 0.5.0 RC 2 Site 1

Russian 0.5.0 RC2 translation (place the dll in the language folder)

Download SmartDVB 0.5.0 RC : Size: 21 MB

This version entails many stability fixes, blindscan functionality, signal analyzer, better HEVC and video stability etc, it's recommended to upgrade to this version.

Download 0.5.0 RC  Site 1

Download RC Hotfix 1

Above hotfix includes an update for SmartDVB.EXE and with bug fixes and some changes to EVR fullscreen/windowed/main mode to remove the delays and repaint issues which occured there. includes a bugfix which could cause exit crash with some devices on windows 10. You should replace the current SmartDVB.EXE and with the one provided in this hotfix. For information on where is, if you can't find it, please see the SmartDVB help section 'local application data files/folders'.

SmartDVB 0.4.5 Beta 1, size: 20.3 MB

this (beta) version mainly is dedicated to the dx part of SmartDVB (blindscanner/rfscan enhancements, including streamreader based signal analyzer/constellation diagrams) and fixes. Please note that this is a beta release so problems can be expected, don't download/install this if you're not sure what you're doing or have a previous install that you don't want to tamper with.

Download 0.4.5 Beta 1 Site 1

SmartDVB 0.4.0 Release, size: 19.5 MB
(View Changelog)
Download 0.4.0 Release Site 1

This version has many fixes and additions. Most notable additions: HEVC support, HTTP streaming, MadVR support, transcoding for streaming and recording. Basic client/server possibilities using http or udp. Etc, please read the changelog. Slovak translation for 0.4.0 (by slavusec)

Download SmartDVB 0.3.5 Release : Size: 7.7 MB
This Version adds amongst others: Unlimited PIP (Picture In Picture). Enhanced EPG search. Multiple same mux/frequency scheduled record. Lots of fixes/enhancements/improvements.

Download 0.3.5 Release  Site 1 (View Changelog)

Download 0.3.5 Polish language (by DVB-S PL)

Download 0.3.5 Italian language (by Capitan_Uncino)

Download 0.3.5 Russian language (by fiat124)

Download 0.3.5 German language (by Padman)

Download 0.3.5 Slovak language (by slavusec)


Download SmartDVB 0.3.0 Release : Size: 6.58 MB
This Version adds amongst others: New SmartOSD, multiple mux records, improved mpeg records includes ac3/h.264/radio, new teletext, new EPG, new graphical station list, improved stability, error reports, logo's and much much more...

Download 0.3.0 Release  Site 1 (View Changelog)
Download 0.3.0 Release  Site 2 (

Download German language dll

Download some example logo packs here at the forum

Download SmartDVB software: release: V0.2.5
Size: 3.16 MB

If you had problems re-installing version 0.2.5 on top of 0.2.5 RC1 please download the release again! (10 - april - 2012 about 5pm GMT+1)

Download 0.2.5 Release via Site 1 (View Changelog)

Download 0.2.5 RC1 via Site 1 (View Changelog)

Download 0.2.1 Beta 5 via Site 1 (View Changelog)
For anyone that download this beta 5 the first hours please re-download as there's a bugfix in added.

Download 0.2.1 Beta 4 via Site 1 (View Changelog)

Download 0.2.0 via Site 1
Download 0.1.5 via Site 1
Download 0.1.5 via Site 2
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Download older 0.1.4  version

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